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  1. contessa20

    2 Beardies in Need (Delaware) I saw this while cruising Craigslist this morning. Those babies look just awful. I want to go scoop them up right now and bring them home to some good food, heat, UV, and LOTS more space... but I don't have the money to buy the dragons and a...
  2. contessa20

    MD Craigslist Rescue Can anyone help this poor guy? I don't usually see too many on Craigslist that are in dire straits but I'm so concerned about this one. A 250 watt heat emitter in a 20 gal. tank???? :banghead: That poor baby has got to be roasting to...
  3. contessa20

    Eye bulging & closing

    Mango is 6 yrs. old and has always been in great health. Today I put in a new UV bulb to replace his old one and switched his heat bulbs to a higher wattage for winter and suddenly he's intermittently basking with his eyes closed and bulging. I know eye bulging is normal during shedding or if...
  4. contessa20

    Your Dream Viv

    I thought it would be fun to discuss our dream vivs. If money, space, maintenance etc. were no object, what type of home would you create for your beardie(s)?
  5. contessa20

    Liquid Vitamin B1 Dosing Info...

    Does anyone know the dosing information for Liquid Vitamin B1 (from Beautiful Dragons)? It didn't come with any instructions. Thanks.
  6. contessa20

    Giant Mealworms vs. Super Mealworms

    So, I was in our local fish/reptile store a few weeks ago looking for Superworms and saw that they have something called "Super Mealworms." Now, I've heard of "Giant Mealworms" and from my understanding they are NOT a good feeder. However, are the "Super Mealworms" the same as a Superworm...
  7. contessa20

    What are you getting your Beardie Babies for Christmas?

    I have a feeling I'm not the only one on here who buys their pets Christmas gifts. :mrgreen: So, what are you getting your scaly babies this year? I just went on a bit of a shopping spree for Mango. :shock: Just in the last week I've bought him a digital scale, a Multi Vitamin with...
  8. contessa20

    Betadine bath safe during shed?

    Over the weekend I noticed 3 or 4 bright red dots under Mango's beard then, a few hours later they were gone. I couldn't find them on his body anywhere but my assumption is that they were mites and have migrated under his scales somewhere. :angry5: Would there be any other explanation or...
  9. contessa20

    MY Pumpkin...

    Do not even THINK about taking this pumpkin, mom! MINE!!!!! :lol: Last night I went to put Mango on his fleece bed and wrap him in his blanket when he wiggled out and took off to seek refuge in the arms of his pumpkin. He slept this way ALL. NIGHT. :roll:
  10. contessa20

    Can you help this little guy?/Pumpkin NOW

    I just happened to come across THIS little guy on Craigslist this morning. Poor thing looks absolutely terrible and freezing cold. If you are near the Broomall area in PA, please consider adopting this guy. It's breaking my heart to even look at him but I know I have absolutely nowhere to put...
  11. contessa20


    Just wondering if anyone has fed their baby's persimmon? I have tons of them right now and wondered if they would be safe for my guy. By the way, I do have the Beautiful Dragon list pinned to my fridge at all times so I know it's not on there. Thanks!
  12. contessa20

    Anybody have beardies who don't brumate?

    Mango is about 3 1/2 yrs. old and healthy as a horse but has never brumated. Anybody else experience this? Is it common?
  13. contessa20

    HELP!!! (roaches)

    Once before I started a Dubia colony and had great success with it. Unfortunately, I left them out in the garage over the winter and they all died. I just got a new shipment in the mail today to get another colony started. They look great, however, I seem to have some rather precocious nymphs...
  14. contessa20

    Cat tree/perch

    I was just wondering if anyone used a cat tree or cat window perch for their beardies? I'm thinking of picking one up for Mango but wondered what the consensus was on whether they seem to enjoy them or not before shelling out the money. Also, does the carpet offer enough traction to keep them...
  15. contessa20

    My Scaly (and furry) Family

    It's been awhile since I've been on here so I thought I'd post some updated pics. of Mango and the rest of my critter babies. Stock photo of Mango from Mystical Dragons. Mango the day I got him in the mail 3 yrs. ago. If I remember correctly he was about 9 inches long from snout to tail...
  16. contessa20


    Hi, I'm Crissy and have been lurking here on and off for awhile now. I was turned on to lizards about 2 yrs. ago when my brother gave me his pet water dragon when he couldn't care for him any longer. Ever since I was little I've had the WORST phobia of snakes and lizards always seemed to...
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