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    Craigslist Beardie needs help

    *If this is in the incorrect spot I'm sorry! Is there anyone in New Jersey who can talk this seller down and help this bearded dragon? They are saying he is a rescue, which means he has already got issues. There looks to be very poor access to UVB and it makes me so sad! I couldn't help but...
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    How does my dragon's size compare to others?

    What size/weight are your dragons? Many fellow dragon owners who see my boy in person express how large he is! I went to the expo today and all of the adults that were there in those containers were so much smaller than Kenny. I showed some pictures to some breeders at the show and they thought...
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    Bearded Dragon Genetics

    Is there anyway to tell a bearded dragon's genetics based off of more that visual indicators alone? Would love to know people's thoughts.
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    Beardie Limp

    Hey all, my beardie Kenny seems to be extra clumsy tonight and appears to be favoring his left side. I had him down on the carpet in attempts to get him to walk and he continued to favor the left side but would keep on walking. Kenny is a rescue and is missing his 3 middle toes on each back...
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    Dubia food recipe

    Hey there does anyone have some good Dubia food recipes? I feed them fresh stuff often but would like a bit more a variety in my feeders! Thank you :D
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    How often does your adult poop?

    Hey there, how often do your adults poop? My boy Kenny will poop in the bath but if left to poop on his own sometimes it will take awhile. He has a great mixture of salad during the week and gets superworms on the weekends. I would like to see him poop more on his own. Otherwise he is very...
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    Looking to buy a leopard gecko

    Hello everyone! I am interested in purchasing a leopard gecko but wanted to get it from somewhere reputable that treats their animals well! Could anyone provide any insight on where I might look? I really don't want to go to a big box retailer to get anything (Petsmart, Petco etc) Thank you in...
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    Kenny before and after

    Here's my sweet Kenny boy's adoption photo next to a photo of him now. It has been almost two years since I adopted him and I couldn't be happier with him.
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    Pet Portrait of Kenny

    Hello Everyone, I haven't posted in a while but Kenny is doing great and happier than ever! I chose to work on a portrait of him in watercolor recently and thought I would share. Any comments and feedback are welcome! The portrait is done in watercolor.
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    Cage okay in a dark loft?

    Hello Everyone, I am in the process of moving and of course Kenny is coming with me. The area in the house I am moving him into that has the most space for Kenny is the loft. The loft has no windows and no natural light. Will it be weird for him to be in his tank completely surrounded by...
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    Cage mates for life?

    Someone who I know also has some bearded dragons. From what I understand she used to have two tanks with two bearded dragons each in them. One passed away of natural causes in one of the tanks. Someone told her that the cage mate will die too because of loneliness from no longer having the other...
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    Putting tile down

    Hey everyone, For those of you who have done tile, should I put two large tiles down to fill up the space or grid a bunch of small ones? I went to the home improvement store and they will cut a few for free but after that it is 25 cents per tile, which isn't bad. I think two large tiles would...
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    Dead Male Dubia Roaches

    Hello everyone, I had to do a pretty extensive bin cleaning last weekend. I admittedly got lazy with my bin and haven't cleaned it in a few weeks. As a result there was a lot of poo of course as well as some adult casualties. I disposed of all of the poo and casualties and set them all back up...
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    My beautiful Kenny

    Just thought I'd pop in and post a picture of Kenny! He is so heathy and happy. I'm so lucky to have him! :)
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    Giant Urate (Warning: Poop pic)

    Hello Everyone, Kenny just did this this afternoon. This is the biggest urate I've seen him have ever! Is this okay? He is behaving fine and seems healthy. He has been eating a little less due to him being in a semi-brumation state. Because he has been eating less he has been pooping less too...
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    Help with project to benefit beardies!

    I am a graphic design student and am currently undertaking my senior project. What would be a better topic than bearded dragons? My idea is to create/design a easy to understand and interpret care guide for bearded dragons with the right information. I know how frustrating it can be to be lead...
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    Please help! I'm so concerned! My power is out and I don't what to do about Kenny!!!! Please someone give me some ideas as to what I can do for him. All my friends are in the area and they have power out too. I do not have a generator. :cry:
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    Under the tank heater

    I have a medium sized under the tank heater that I have been using for my bearded dragon. The dragon I had before him had it as well and lived on it for 10.5 years. I have the recommended heat lamp and UVB lamp as well. What I am wondering is if I even need the under the tank heater. I noticed...
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    Dubia colony is booming!

    My dubia colony is doing great! I'm so excited. All this started off with 5 adults (3 females and 2 males) and a hand full of other sizes off of someone on craigslist. I gave them an orange to treat them the other day and it took them literally a matter of seconds to notice I had put them in...
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    Bearded Dragon Weight

    I have seen weight ranges all over the place in peoples photos on the forum. There are some leaner beardies and others that look like complete chubsters! There is also everything in between. I know there is a weight recommendation for bearded dragons at their certain ages. Why all the...
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