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    rhino or not...

    So, ive been thinking for a while that i want to add another member to el family. so i was thinking about gettin a rhino iguana.. but then i am also really attracted to cuban rock iguanas.. and on top of that, i also really like water monitors! so i'm in kind of a tough spot. i dont know which i...
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    Dubia colony

    i know there are TONS of posts on here about Dubia colonies. BUT, i have all the supplies needed for example, a rubbermaid tub, top with aluminum mesh, egg crates etc. so i'm wondering where is the best place to get a bunch of Adult and Nymph to start a colony? and if you happpen to have a mix...
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    relocation stress?

    so i have two beardies. i just got one last thursdat and one a couple months before. they are in serparate tanks. the one i'm asking about is about 8 inches long and like 2 to 3 months old. so he seems to be restless, he keeps running around his cage and then he wont eat. he will eat a little...
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    scales on head

    i just noticed that zanders scales on the top of his head are a darker brown then they usually are.. do you think this is because of his heat lamp?
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    feeding amount

    so i just got zander yesterday from a friend who knows a breeder. though he didnt tell me how old he is!! he is about 8 and a half inches long. so how many crickets do you think he should be eating? he has access to collard greens all day, any advice would help! thanks. sam
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    question about the t-rex uv

    so is this a good uv/heat bulb?
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    stress marks?

    so what do these stress maks look like?
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    fake rock vs real?

    whats the difference between fake rock and the real deal? Does the real rock store a lot more heat turning it in to a little red hot stone?
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    Hey, i'm a new beardie owner and i was wondering what impaction is? is this where they ingest something like sand and it just blocks their digestive system? or am i wrong...
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    I just got my first beardie!!! so i'm wondering when i should give him his first bath? what should the water temperature be? how long? etc. it would all be greatly appreciated!!
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