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  1. mantronics

    Beardie blood work question

    So my daugher has a bearded dragon, 1-1 1/2 years old. He used to bask and all was good. Lately has has been black bearding and hiding. If we put him on basking spot, he stays 15-20 minutes, than hides. He eating has slowed down recently. His lights are good, t5 ho10, hologen and DHP on Herpstat...
  2. mantronics

    Need help with lighting.

    I have been struggling with the lighting. I thought my temps was right on spot but she hides all day while I’m at work. I place her in basking spot before work and she stays for maybe a hour than hides. My daughter feeds her around noon and she eats, bask for a hour and hides until I come home...
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