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    Where can I buy the cheapest ceramic heat emitters?

    I need a few ceramic heat emitters. Buying in bulk would be fine, but where can I get them for the cheapest price?
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    My electric bill is too high, any tips?

    Especially since winter is coming, it takes a lot of electricity to keep my 11 lizards/amphibians/tarantula warm. Does anyone have tips for lowering the electric bill? So far I have covered any drafts in the cages and moved all the animals inside.
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    I haven't been on here in a while. (pics)

    I'm not sure if anyone remembers me, but I haven't been on here lately. My bearded dragon, Dude, passed away a few months ago. It has been really hard without Dude here. We had such a strong and amazing bond. Here's Dude. Dude had MBD (he was a rescue) which is why he looks a little skinny...
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    Help needed, dead baby and possibly sick juvie. (poop pics)

    Hello. I first want to say I've owned a couple bearded dragons for many years and never had had problems like this before. I'm aware of the proper temps, diet, UVB, etc. *A vet visit will be taken care of!* I'm sorry for the length of this post, but I must get into details. My friend who lived...
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    Pinkies are bad! why?

    Hello, I'm having a discussion with someone on another site about feeders. I know that bearded dragons don't eat pinkies in the wild, they're high in fat, and bones are hard to digest. But these people want sources! My bearded dragon research took place years ago so i'm having trouble finding...
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    Best website to buy dubia roaches?

    I tried searching the forums already with no luck. I'm trying to start a dubia colony finally, does anyone know the best site with the best prices? Thanks!
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    any good breeders for dragons and frogs?

    Im looking for good breeders to purchase another dragon and some toads or frogs. Does anyone know any good sites that ship to California? Any help its greatly appreciated!
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    any good online breeders for frogs and toads?

    Im looking for a trustworthy website to order some frogs from. Does anyone know a good site?
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    How much to feed a chinese water dragon?

    Hello. I couldn't find any sites that looked trustworthy about water dragons. If anyone knows a good site, please let me know. I wanted to know how often to feed my chinese water dragon. It is a baby, no idea how old. With tail it is over a foot long.
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    Need a new light fixture. where to get it?

    right now i have a light fixture that is attached to dudes cage (not the clamp lamps or anything). It is pretty beat up and just stopped working. It is a fixture that his basking bulb goes in. Can someone please help me find a fixture that is similar? I've been looking at home depot but there's...
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    Why has Dude been wanting to eat weird things lately?

    Dude has never been interested in eating anything other than bugs and veggies. Recently he has licked sea salt off of the floor and has eaten a potato chip from the floor as well. Then today, he tried eating his mini santa hat that was in his cage. Luckily I was there to remove the santa hat...
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    I have a virus, safe to handle beardie?

    i have a bad virus that has been going around. Would it be safe to take out my dragon and have him roam around the bed? I don't want him to be cooped up all day.
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    Dude just ate a potato chip!!!! will he be okay??

    Dude found a potato chip on the floor and decided it was good enough to eat!! It was either salt and vinegar flavor or honey dijon flavor. i have work in an hour, will he be okay??
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    My dragon licked sea salt....

    my dragon got a lick of some sea salt that was on the floor. It wasn't a lot, but he got a good taste. I am offering him water. Will he be okay?
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    is this soap really safe for dragons?

    I was browsing this site when all of a sudden I see this: An all natural dragon soap! Is this really safe to use on dragons?
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    What kind of dragon is Dude?

    I've been trying to figure out what kind of dragon dude is out of curiosity. Does anyone have an idea? i know he isn't a super rare species or anything, just curious. Thanks!
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    how to get stains off tail?

    Dude takes baths regularly, but he has bathroom stains on his tail which are very noticeable. How do i get them off? I've tried with a toothbrush.
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    Keeping ants away from the cage?

    We are having an ant problem, and the ants love to get into Dude's water bowl. is there a safe way to keep the ants away?
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    What is the best food list you've seen?

    I used to use the list on beautiful, but I just saw a post saying that it hasn't been updated in a while. I'm having trouble googling an updated version of a food list. I know someone who recently got a baby beardie, so an accurate food list would be helpful. Thanks! -Dude and Ciara
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    What will your beardie be getting for Christmas?

    So far I thought of getting Dude a new soft blankie and something to climb on. What are you getting your beardie?
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