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    Chronic Inflammation & possible liver disease

    Update for Delta — my 3 year old beardie who is currently not feeling well. Is suffering from yellow fungus, lethargy, and runny stools. Bloodwork came back, not good news. Her tests basically indicated chronic inflammation, possible liver disease which confirms her dehydration. They say the...
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    Beardie might be dying

    Hello all. Sorry for posting again. But I think my sweet girl might be on her way out. I can’t really believe I’m typing this right now. But even after treatment for pinworms, daily soaks, syringe feeding and nutritional slurries, Delta has not shown any improvements. She’s pooped four times...
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    Bloody stool, Black Beard and Inactive

    Sorry for posting again. I’m not trying to substitute this forum for a veterinarian, but this is my only alternative right now as I am a minor and I’m unable to make an appointment right now. So if you’ve seen my other threads, my 3 year old female beardie named Delta has been having some...
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    Top of Head Question

    My beardie, Delta, has been having some issues lately. (I’m currently treating her for a moderate case of pinworms daily, by syringe) and also giving her 0.07 mL of calcium glubionate syrup every 24 hours. My vet recommended that, since she dropped weight from her parasites. Delta also is...
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    Lethargic, Parasites, Yellow Fungus?

    Hello, I have a bearded dragon named Delta (a 3 year old female) that has recently been giving me some cause for concern. I love her dearly and have cherished my companionship with her but I am beginning to worry. A couple days ago, I noticed that there is some very noticeable yellow and flaky...
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    Very Weird Poop

    I’ll try to keep it short and simple. Delta is almost two years old, haven’t had any issues until now. She has been brumating (I think) and didn’t poop for like two weeks until today. Other than that, she’s been hiding in her rock some days and very active other days. Today she is back to normal...
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    Huge poop :(

    Hello bare with me! This will be a long thread, but it’ll tell you everything you need to know. Recently Delta has been acting odd. He poops about every 3 or 4 days, which is very unlike him. He used to go every day. Furthermore, he doesn’t go out and bask like he normally does. He stays in his...
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    Very very dark and apparently a girl!?

    Hello. I just got back from a week vacation, while the pet store was boarding my bearded dragon Delta. He/she is 7 months old now. Before I left, Delta was trying to shed and he has successfully shed his body except for his back legs and head. However, Deltas back is really dark. I don’t know if...
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    Worried about poop

    Hey guys, I was about to clean Deltas tank but I noticed his poop looked really weird. They’re normally solid, but this time it was like diarrhea ? any clues on what it might be? I’ll post a picture after this post.
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    Odd Behavior

    Hey again, I’m just making sure Delta is doing fine, because I’m pretty confused as to his behavior lately. For the past two days, I’ve come home from school (about 5:00 since I have to stay in town an extra 2 hours) and he’s in the same spot. However, he’s fully alert and he’s eatin all his...
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    Really Dark!?

    It’s me again, probably worried about something that’s normal ?. Anyway— I just got home and Delta is REALLY dark. It kind of scared me, to be honest. I immediately fed him. He has wrinkles (assuming he’s dehydrated) so I gave him some water. Not sure if this has to do with anything— but the...
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    Tail Rot or Just Growing?

    Hello, my name is Maddie and I just joined this site! I got a baby bearded dragon for my birthday this past December (the 6th) of 2017. His name is Delta. Ever since I got him, I’ve noticed the end of his tail. It seems to be getting darker over the course of a month. I’ve read many articles...
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