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    Stubborn MBD or old age? (Image)

    I've had Lucy for 5 years when she was a year old and she's always been fun, happy, and healthy until about January she started showing signs of MBD. I took her to a vet and the vet diagnosed her with early signs of MBD said she was a healthy wait and suggested I dust her food everyday...
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    Respirtory Infection?

    Hi! I left my dad to take care of Lucy for 3 days and I'm afraid she got too cold due to his neglect. When I got home, she hopped off her log very slowly and bobbed her head very slowly to greet me. I turned her lights on as they were off when I got there turned the heat in my apartment up to...
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    Do I REALLY need to bathe her?

    Hi! Lucy (6 yr old) absolutely HATES water/baths. She even gets bratty when I drip warm water on her head or back. I hate to force her into anything that stresses her out. I feed her baby food for extra moisture. I keep a humidifier going all the time in my apartment (for the both of us)...
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    Why does Lucy seem so depressed?

    My 5 year old bearded dragon has been acting awful strange the past couple months. She's seemed "depressed" and hasn't liked to be held lately. She puffs up and turns her beard black and sometimes opens her mouth when I let her inside her pen then I usually leave her be. She went into...
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    Lucy hates baths, and I hate giving them!

    So I'm having a heck of a time with this bathing thing. When I bathe her, I scrub the bath tub with dawn to get all our germs out and then with bathroom cleaner to get hers out. Every time I go to put her in the bath she climbs up my arm and eventually goes still. She climbs to the most...
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    How do I get rid of my hornworms?!

    I got two 25 count cups from mulberry farms and it is time for them to RIP. I am extremely squeamish. I seriously stick them in Lucy's pen and RUN away. Far... Far... Away. They are getting ready to turn into moths and the site said, "DO NOT RELEASE THEM INTO THE WILD" in that big 'look at...
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    I just got 40 small hornworms for Lucy. I've heard they grow fast, but how do I judge how much to feed her? How hard/easy is it to breed them and how? I hate crickets because of the smell and noise. If I get frustrated with it and quit can I feed her moths? Also, what is the whole blue vs...
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    Mashed Sweet Potatoes for Easter?

    The mashed sweet potatoes we had for Easter have a liiiiittttllee brown sugar in them. If I gave Lucy a little of them would it be okay? She's in brumation and hasn't been eating a lot (besides her crickets and worms; not even her favorites!) and I want to try to coax her to eat by offering...
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    Ceramic Heat Emitters and other heating questions

    Winter is coming around which means cold cold weather over here in the east. I need to keep Lucy's temp in her tank up. I'm thinking a ceramic heat emitter. I had a red bulb and she HATED it and couldn't sleep. I would rather spend $40 at petco for a lamp and bulb. I was thinking about...
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    Should I have a "hide"?

    I am concerned that my beardie doesn't have somewhere to get away from me. I want to get a hide but I don't know which to get. I don't want to pay $30 for one, and if there are any DIY ideas I'd love to hear them. BLAHHHH: She loves to look out her 55 gallon tank and is on her 'log' leaned...
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    DIY Resource Cage Cleaning Wipes

    ToughPrincess submitted a new resource (migrated from original thread): Dragon Wipes - Create your own wipes to clean your bearded dragon's enclosure and furniture Read more about this resource...
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    Am I using the wrong light?

    When I bought my beardie she came with her whole viv. I was buying a new bulp for the fixture that I already have. This is the bulb.... This is the tag for the fixture (sorry, it's upside down)
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    Air plants in your viv?

    I know live plants are discouraged because they raise the humidity, but I was thinking maybe an air fern or two in Lucy's viv? She's not very adventurous inside her tank. (She mostly sticks on or under her log.) I think air ferns (plants) are more native to their natural environment. She's...
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    What is your adult beardies salad?

    I feed Lucy mostly squash, cucumbers, and some leaf lettuce (which she doesn't really eat). I get her lettuce from a grocery store by the pet store & all they really have is kale, romaine, red romaine, red leaf lettuce (if i remember right), and leaf lettuce. What do you use?
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    "I hate you, Mom!!" Her first bath. Oh the love in her eyes. Drying off. My spoiled little brat!
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    My Tired Girl [pic]

    My poor baby was so exhausted after such a long day out of her pen. She crashed against the glass. I can't move her because it's just too darn cute! PS... Her neck is at about a 90 degree angle.
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    Am I messing up her diet?

    I just got my beardie not too long ago. I have been feeding her a few different things, trying to add some variety. I feed her crickets daily (not a set amount- I just throw some in) I fed her kale at first as a staple food, but she didn't seem to like it so I switched to romaine. I just...
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    Lucy Lou & Me are new!

    Hi! I've been looking for some guidance on the new world of bearded dragons. I have a beautiful new addition to my life & i want someone to swoon over "her" with me.
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