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  1. Nikki1292

    Little bit of blood in

    My beardie Gizmo is about full grown and I noticed two days ago that his poo had a few spots of blood, nothing major but concerning. I kept an eye on him and he went today and his poo had spots of blood in it again, not a lot but still... His appetite has not changed at all and he eats his...
  2. Nikki1292

    How often should I give my beardie crickets???

    Now that my beardie Gizmo is older and bigger, 11 months old and about a foot long, my boyfriend who has a beardie said that I should start giving him crickets less often, only every other day or every two days. Is that right? Should I give him crickets less often, more often? He does get a big...
  3. Nikki1292

    Sleepy & Sluggish Beardie. Whats Wrong???

    My beardie Gizmo use to be very active but now he's seemed to slow down. I've had to put his tank decor on the corners of his repti-carpet because he would wiggle under it and stay there until I got him out to eat, then he stays out for a few hours. He eats just fine so I'm not 100% worried yet...
  4. Nikki1292

    Is My Beardie Not Getting Enough Water???

    I'm concerned that Gizmo isn't getting enough water. I give him a bath for 15 minutes every four days and he only drinks the bath water once in a while. I have a water dish that is always full but he never touches it. Also, I fill his salad dish with some water when I give him his greens so that...
  5. Nikki1292

    My Beardie Doesn't Like Being Held (how do I fix this?)

    My beardie, Gizmo, is very friendly and loves to be pet. He never runs away from my hand when I straighten things up or pet him but when I try to pick him up he seems to panic and runs around for a while, jumping out of my hand when I pick him up (I only hold him up a few inches from the ground...
  6. Nikki1292

    (#4) Very Very nervous :(

    Ok, I'm at a friends house and I won't be home until Monday evening (its Saturday). My parents are taking care of Gizmo and I have been calling all morning to check on him. I just got a hold of my mom and asked if she'd given him his crickets yet. She hadn't!!! It was 4pm when I called and he...
  7. Nikki1292

    (#3) Gizmo's being temperamental!

    I swear this beardie is a Sith (Star Wars) in disguise! He act all sweet kind one second, looking like he is begging to be picked up......then SNAP! he bites your hand! I had to give him a bath today but he was just too cranky so I couldn't. I think he is just having a bad day after a bad nights...
  8. Nikki1292

    Gizmo won't eat!

    He has been eating fine but today he hasn't eaten anything! I just changed his bedding from sand to carpet yesterday, could that be the problem? The sudden change? I'm worried about him.
  9. Nikki1292

    How often do I give vitamins?

    I have Rep-Cal Calcium with Vit.D3 and also have Rep-Cal Herptivite Multivitamins. How often do I give these to my beardie Gizmo? I'm not sure of his age (or if hes even male) but he is about 9 inches in length. I know that to much vitamins can be just as bad as too little so I was wondering...
  10. Nikki1292

    YES people, I USE SAND!

    Jeez, people keep giving me a hard time about using sand and I am getting tired of it! YES I know it can cause impaction but that would be why I am being careful. And I feed Gizmo in another tank! He gets a warm bath every 3 days and goes to the bathroom regularly and he isn't some small 3 inch...
  11. Nikki1292

    How Old Until You Can Tell The Gender???

    I'm just wondering since I don't know whether Gizmo is a male or female. I'm not sure how old he is either though, but he is 9 inches long.
  12. Nikki1292

    (#2) Gizmo Pooped On My Shoulder! lol

    So I was kinda worried that Gizmo hadn't pooped in about two days so I gave him a warm bath and for eight minutes, nothing. The water started to cool so I take him out and put him on my shoulder and guess what...I get a BIG present! I love the little guy but YUCK!
  13. Nikki1292

    How Often Do Bearded Dragons Poop???

    Silly question, I know, but I'm curious since most websites don't seem to say.
  14. Nikki1292

    (#1) I Got My New Bearded Dragon!

    Yay, I got my new dragon yesterday! Previously, I had gotten a baby (only about 3-4 inches) from PetSmart, Snips. She was sick when I got her I'm assuming because she ate a total of 9 or so crickets. A few the first day and a few the second day. Also she went to the bathroom once. During the...
  15. Nikki1292

    Humidity...what is the right level???

    So many people have told me different things (aka, workers at petstores). While the websites I have looked at are helpful, they are all different. Anyone have a good estimate of what the humidity level should be???
  16. Nikki1292

    PLEASE HELP! My Beardie is VERY Sick!

    I just got my beardie 3 days ago. She's about 3, maybe 3 1/2 inches long. She was perfectly fine all day but when I got ready for bed (around 2am) I went to check on her and she wasn't moving. I thought she might be sleeping but had a bad feeling so I turned the light on and opened her tank. She...
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