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    is this mouth rot??? HELP!

    My boyfriends beardie has not been himself for months, we brought him to the vet and got a general check-up and when they took his poop samples found excessive amounts of pin worm. They put him on medicine and we were happy to have our old beardie back, hoping his lethargy and lack of appetite...
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    new lizard, other lizard is jealous. need advice!

    okay so yesterday i went to a reptile expo and on impulse i bought an eastern collared lizard (frankie). she is super sweet and cute but theres one problem, my beardie (pinky) that ive had for several months is very jealous and does not like frankie. pinky is very spoiled and is not used to...
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    I accidentally kicked my beardie and he is angry at me!!

    Pinky was running around on the floor as usual and I thought that he was under my bed, but when I got up to put something on my dresser I accidentally kicked him. So stupid of me to not pay attention I know!! But his neck puffed out and turned black and he opened his mouth at me, totally pissed...
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