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  1. RioReptiles

    Looking for reputable leatherback breeders

    If you don't know who all the more established breeders are, I just updated my breeder link page a couple weeks ago after Vicki Dachiu asked me to update their link. Check out All the breeders we have listed have been breeding for at least three years...
  2. RioReptiles

    whats the average size of a 5.5 month old female beardie

    The average size for a beardie at that age can be from 100 to 300 grams, you can't really compare dragons with different genetics, metabolisms and environments. Some of my biggest, fattest dragons were slow growers and grew more during the second year than the first (I call them 2nd year...
  3. RioReptiles

    Got a ton of meds, but how to I administer them???

    No rush, you enjoy any time off you can get. I've read countless articles on Toltrazuril and it just doesn't kill coccidia safely, I even found an article where they use it on honey bees and other insects to combat their parasites. I really like to stress how safe it is to use even if you want...
  4. RioReptiles

    Got a ton of meds, but how to I administer them???

    I thought you were going to send some lovely poo my way, my favorite thing to get in the mail. The meds are both very mild and I can't remember the last time I checked poo without pinworms since the bugs we get always seem to have them. Our dragons best defense against illness, disease and...
  5. RioReptiles

    Eggs dimpling?

    Oh, ha ha. Are there vent holes in the container?
  6. RioReptiles


    87ºF is really hot and the eggs probably could have used a little more development time. If there is still a big yolk sac that you can see, then the baby died and didn't absorb it. Any time I can see a the yolk thru the egg, I know it's not alive. It most likely drown in the egg and couldn't...
  7. RioReptiles

    Eggs dimpling?

    Put the lid on the container and you won't have to worry about humidty in the incubator, it will stay humid in the container.
  8. RioReptiles

    Birth Defect!

    I had an accidental hypotrans x hypotrans breeding last year that resulted in a couple of babies just like that. They lived a few weeks and got around just fine. Sadly, the entire clutch failed to thrive and only two lived more than 3 months. This year the same hypotrans female bred to a hypo...
  9. RioReptiles

    Marking babies?

    We use fabric paint from Jo Ann's or Michaels crafts, safe and non toxic, plus it comes in a bunch of colors
  10. RioReptiles

    Can this baby be saved?

    He's fine, that will dry up and fall off in a day and he'll be running around in no time.
  11. RioReptiles

    Hypotrans black eyes

    I had a clutch of hypos and hypo trans babies last year with magic genes. Half of the hypos turn completely trans within a week when they were 3 to 4 months old, eyes turn black and all. Never would have believed it if it didn't keep happening.
  12. RioReptiles

    why doesnt my adult male want to breed?

    Because you're female isn't receptive?
  13. RioReptiles

    New owner. Food tips.

    You're best bet is to buy 500 to 1000 superworms and they should last you quite a while. They are easy to keep and economical, just put them in a tub of wheat bran along with some carrots or potato for moisture and you're good to go. Most dragon keepers don't feed meal worms.
  14. RioReptiles

    PICS! Sexing and infertile egg laying. HELP!

    Definitely looks like a girl from the pics. You can get a 50lb bag of play sand at home depot or lowes for a few bucks and find a big bin like you're making a lay bin. That much sand will make the bin about 5" deep, so just wet it with some water and let her dig a tunnel from time to time...
  15. RioReptiles

    need a lil info please.

    You might want to separate them for the time being. You don't really want him to stress her out. Definitely set up a separate lay bin so she feels safe and secure, otherwise she may not want to lay.
  16. RioReptiles

    Breeding Females

    If she is younger, I would try breeding her again this summer/fall. It really depends on the individual dragon and how they handle the whole thing. If they are big and don't lose a lot of weight, if their eggs are healthy and big, if their babies are healthy and big are all factors. I have...
  17. RioReptiles

    HELP!!! My eggs are dying....

    I use a hair dye bottle with a long skinny tip to rewet my vermiculite, but i've also had eggs die that were not drying out. I've also had eggs go bad because they were too wet, so don't soak the vermiculite, just add a couple tablespoons of water.
  18. RioReptiles

    Airing cupboard incubator

    As long as the temperatures stay between 78º and 86º, you can incubate eggs anywhere. You might want to take some precautions so the humidity levels stay up, like I might put my egg containers inside a larger ventilated plastic bin.
  19. RioReptiles

    she just wont lay her eggs

    If she is long overdue, you really need to get her to a vet. I recently lost a female because I waited too too long and it depeleted her system to the point she was no longer a candidate for surgery. She kept digging, but would not lay, I was even giving her calcium injections to try to help...
  20. RioReptiles

    mating problems

    Have your dragons ever brumated? Sometimes the females can become more dominant than the males, when this happens it almost always ends up in a fight. You also have to be sure the female is receptive and willing to breed, otherwise she won't have any part of it. The best time is right after...
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