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    Built a 4x2x2 out of melamine, bad odor iasue

    Do mind me asking what you used as a door track? and where you got it?
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    Building an enclosure

    My son recently was given a bearded dragon. I'm building it an enclosure. I have done some research and started last weekend. Hopefully this turns out ok. I'm not much of a planner, so I did not draw out anything. I went with 1/2" plywood and 1X 2 so far. I'm building a ledge and rock...
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    Build material

    I'm not opposed to plywood. I do like the look of a board over plywood(if that makes sense). seems it would need less framing and less trim. But , I'm just in the planning stages. My son's grandparents bought him a bearded dragon and I know this 20 gallon tank will not be suitable for long.
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    Build material

    I'm considering building an enclosure using 1x10 whiteboard. Are there any issues using this wood for an enclosure? I'm thinking of gluing two 1 x 10's together using dowels and making a 60" x 20" x 36" enclosure. Any of the builders on here done this? Any issues I'm not thinking of?
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