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  1. Wonderful Lizard of Oz

    Super Worms?

    Hello! I've had my dragon for around 4 weeks now and I've been regularly feeding him super worms as his main course. He just turned a year old a little less than a week ago so I was searching how many to feed him now but I came across something. There were a few websites that said super worms...
  2. Wonderful Lizard of Oz

    My beardie decided to eat a wild worm, now what??

    My juvenile beardie, Oz, was out playing today after some rainy weather and he snatched up a few earth worms that were traveling together before I could move to grab him! From what I found wild worms could be toxic because of pesticides or weed killer but we haven't used any in quite a while...
  3. Wonderful Lizard of Oz

    Can't find a UVB light, please help!

    Hello everybody! I've had my lizard for almost a week and I've been doing research to find him a UVB light but I'm stressing out a little. The ones I'm finding with good reviews are way out of my budget ($140-$250!) but the affordable ones are coming from brands I've been told not to trust or...
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