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    UVB Question on Arcadia

    So up until now I have used Reptisun T5 10.0 bulbs but I am seeing so many good things about Arcadia as well. Most recently a mention that Arcadia 14% is effective at 24 inches... I am using the Zoo Med ReptiSun LED UVB Terrarium Hood - 24" which can bee seen at...
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    Silkworm Keeping

    So to preface I have a dubia colony, purchase BSFL(phonix worms), superworms for treats, and add the occasional hornworm (grow much to fast to keep many on hand. Feeding six beardies ranging from 5 months to over 2 years of age, of course with different salad to live feeder ratios respective to...
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    Beardie Introductions

    Well I have been coming here for almost 2 years, as well as some other resources but I always seemed to gravitate back here for the good advice based on the members years of experience. With that being said, it is long overdue to post a thank you to all those who take their time to help educate...
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