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    My story of Yellow Fungus

    Here I am, a year late writing my heart breaking story which has also been a year long journey. Last April, I have 9 gorgeous healthy dragons that I love more than anything. I had a Wit who was only 10 months old that came down with Yellow Fungus after purchasing a hammock off of etsy. The...
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  9. lauraj1055

    Yellow fungus

    Hello there, I am also dealing with a case of yellow fungus and it sucks :( Mine was diagnosed last April. She was on the terbinafine and voriconazole for 45 days last year. She was doing really well until a recent outbreak on her mouth and foot. She just lost her toe the other day. I put...
  10. lauraj1055

    just got a new baby and it has YF.

    This is correct. The incubation period is 2 - 6 weeks. I've done plenty of research on this.
  11. lauraj1055

    just got a new baby and it has YF.

    I agree that Mater's looks exactly like yf. I would question the vet.
  12. lauraj1055

    just got a new baby and it has YF.

    If that is not yf than mine definitely can't be. They sent mine off for testing and I had results in 4 days. I kind of want to take a dragon I know for sure doesn't have YF, and see if the lab comes back positive again because then I know they don't know what they are doing.
  13. lauraj1055

    just got a new baby and it has YF.

    Thank you, but I am having a hard time believing mine have YF. After I finish their round of meds, and wait a month I am taking them to a more experienced reptile vet. Mine did a scraping, but took off broken shed, and I don't see any crusty anything. I can start a new thread so I don't take...
  14. lauraj1055

    just got a new baby and it has YF.

    I just had to have my dragon on 1.5 years put down because she contracted yellow fungus. I believe it came on a hammock I ordered off etsy. She was fine before that, and I had had her since she was 6 weeks old. 2 weeks after I put the hammock in, she got yellow patches all over her belly...
  15. lauraj1055

    Treating Yellow Fungus Disease

    Thank you. I have gotten rid of all tile and use newspaper. I change that every other day. I got plastic platforms and I use those with a towel over them so I can throw them in the wash to bleach them. I wear gloves when handling them. They get their meds everyday and I'm making sure to not...
  16. lauraj1055

    Treating Yellow Fungus Disease

    I'm so glad I came across this post. I have 2 dragons just recently diagnosed with YF. I bought a hammock off etsy and I am 99% sure that is where it came from since all my dragons were completely healthy until I got the hammock. The one with the hammock I had to euthanize BC she was so sick...
  17. lauraj1055

    what temperature should my beardie be at?

    I keep my babies - juvies around 110 degrees, and my adults like it more around 102. Keep testing to see what he likes more, some like it hotter than others, but I would never go above 110.
  18. lauraj1055

    green poop no green food?

    The bearded dragon bites will make their poop green. As soon as I read that I was going to ask if you used the bearded dragon bites. This will do it, and it is not harmful. Sometimes it turns it the color of Spearmint gum. It's nothing to be concerned about. :)
  19. lauraj1055

    Washing beardie with dawn?

    You should get some of this. It's safe, and smells great. And this little scrub brush works great to get caked on poop off:
  20. lauraj1055

    My lights aren't lasting!

    What are you using for a fixture? You should be using the deep dome light holder. If you are using a silver dome, they are not equipped for the 160 watt lights.
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