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  1. ToothlessTheDragon


    Hi All, I have recently noticed my beardie twitching near his lower jaw? Hard to explain, but is the oval by his jaw, I circled in the picture below as blue. I do not know what it's called. This has appeared a few times this month while feeding him, not every time though. Should I be concerned...
  2. ToothlessTheDragon

    Dunner Beardies

    Does anyone have any pictures of Dunner morph Beardies?
  3. ToothlessTheDragon

    wax worm colony?

    :blob8: HI! :blob8: i was wondering if any one had any experience on WAX WORMS, i was thinking of starting a colony, any tips or facts? anything can be helpful :D thanks :)
  4. ToothlessTheDragon


    so, i was wondering if any of you guys had some ideas on enrichment, like toys my beardie would enjoy playing with, or things that would make him happy :D any suggestions? thanks :blob8: :blob5: :blob8:
  5. ToothlessTheDragon

    African red toad, may need help.

    ok so my sister has two African red toads, and one has a cataract in her eye, and we don't know how to help it, so i was thinking it could be from a deficiency, my sister dusts there crickets but they have in ordinary tank light,(which i don't think it gives uvb) does anyone have any tips...
  6. ToothlessTheDragon

    do you?

    hi i just wanted to know how many of you guys handfeed your beardies ive been hand feeding my beardie since i got him, thanks
  7. ToothlessTheDragon


    hi :wave: , i'm noticed some bumps on my beardies back legs (i no expert) so i wanted to know what they are, i have pics if needed, thanks. :blob8: :blob5: :blob8:
  8. ToothlessTheDragon

    a two short questions

    hi all just wanted to ask a few questions :) 1# can UVB pass threw glass (like threw a window) ? 2# how long do wild bearies live?
  9. ToothlessTheDragon

    a few questions about brumatiom

    okay i have a few questions about brumation since i am kinda a newbie at the topic so here they are (1#) what time of year do beardies enter brumation?, and what age? (2#) do they rest the whole time? (3#) do they decrease in eating? if anyone can answer any of these questions...
  10. ToothlessTheDragon

    baycox and panacur

    Can these two medications be given together? if not how long does one have to wait before they can be dosed safely. I am asking for my mother who rehabs squirrels . Yes its off label. The animal has had SMZTMP, Albon, Flagyl and strongid. Vet is at a loss. Squirrel has symptoms of Coccidia...
  11. ToothlessTheDragon

    toothless the beardie

    this is toothless now hes watching tv he is now about 18 ins he's sitting in his fav hammock this is one of his baby pics i'll get some more pics soon
  12. ToothlessTheDragon


    okay i have had a few tadpoles since spring time now , and only two have turned to frogs? one died :( but i don't know way because he was eating , but number too turn about three days ago, i can't get him to eat, know my question is will he eat a very small ant? it would make since but...
  13. ToothlessTheDragon

    Snake lost in house!!!

    okay i can't find my corn snake! we think that he is lost in the house, if anyone has any tips or help please share here, we really love him :(
  14. ToothlessTheDragon


    okay today i was giving my beardie a bath and he started drinking the water? and he got water in his ears and maybe in his nose i don't know but about 2 hours later i was holding him when all of sudden bobbles and water came out of his nose! i quickly turned him upside-down! do you think he...
  15. ToothlessTheDragon


    what morph is my beardie i have some pics on his blog
  16. ToothlessTheDragon

    lizard help?

    hello, i heard that the winter is going to be very hard and cold, looking ahead, what should i do if the power go's out when its 0 below freezing? like how would i keep his lights and heat-pad on? any help tips etc; would be appreciated, thanks
  17. ToothlessTheDragon

    Beardie had a water-re poop? sould i be worried

    i went to check on my bearded and found that he had pooped, it was weird and was very runny, is there any thing that i should be worried about?
  18. ToothlessTheDragon

    how old do beardies need to be to go outside?

    i have a question, how old do beardies have to be before going outside? my beardie is one year old, can he go in the summer?
  19. ToothlessTheDragon

    Bearded dragons beds???

    OK i don't know if I've asked this before or not, but are beardies aloud to have beds? if so what should it be made of?
  20. ToothlessTheDragon

    HELP!!! corn snake had a yellow poo

    hello I've had my corn snake for about a year now, and we feed him on Wednesday and on Sunday and never had a prob until now after i fed him today i went back to turn off his light and i saw some thing that looks like yellow goo? i think it is poop it is formed i don't know what it is :(...
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