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  1. Smaugthebeardy

    Touched the heat lamp

    This just happened and I’m a little worried, I was putting Smaug back into her cage after a bath and after a bath she will alway try and wriggle out of my hand she’s always done it, but today when I was just about to put her down she grabbed onto the little cage around the heat light which gets...
  2. Smaugthebeardy

    9 month check in

    Smaug turned 9 months old a few days ago and i just wanted to make sure she is doing ok and she is healthy, she weighs 365g, is that too much??? She is around 40cm (head to tail) and I can’t tell if she’s small for her age there will be a picture down the bottom of her on my hand for comparison...
  3. Smaugthebeardy


    I have posted about this before but I just wanted to ask again because it has been 2 months and she is now 9 months old, she won’t touch her salad, the only thing she will eat in the salad is the apple, she used to eat red capsicum, now I can’t get her to eat it for the life of me, I offer her...
  4. Smaugthebeardy

    Carbon fibre heat light?

    Hello everyone, I’ve seen this new type of heat light for reptiles it’s a carbon fiber heat light, it’s apparently really good for bearded dragons (what the lizard guy told me) but I have seen nothing about them anywhere telling me if there good or bad, I was just wondering if that is because...
  5. Smaugthebeardy

    Beardy didn’t eat

    Hi, I went to feed my bearded dragon, Smaug, before and she wouldn’t eat? She’s about to go into shed, her tail, legs and mouth have all turned white so I’m wondering if that could be why? She is 7 months old and hasn’t shed in 4 months, so could her just about to start shedding be why she...
  6. Smaugthebeardy

    7 month beardy won’t touch her salad

    Hello, simple question I need to ask but it has been worrying me, my 7 month old beardy, Smaug, won’t eat her salad, I have tried everything, and every type of fruit and veggie they can eat but she won’t touch it! If anyone can give me suggestions that would be helpful. -mia
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