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  1. reytamminen

    Free to a good Home near Woodstock IL

    are you still looking to rehome him?
  2. reytamminen

    Baby Beardie is it warm enough

    make sure you’re using a digital probe to check temps. what size tank does he have, and can you post pics of the setup? what kind of UVB are you using? make sure that it’s a tube light, not a coil
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    can you please get a photo and upload it?
  4. reytamminen

    liver disease or brumation?

    oh thank you!! and yes. the only real pic i have of his mouth being yellow was taken last night but it’s not that clear. i am located in the us, minnesota to be specific and it’s starting to get colder (and it gets pretty cold here, like -40). i wouldn’t be surprised if it is just a less common...
  5. reytamminen

    liver disease or brumation?

    please help. i’ve been very worried about chompy. he hasn’t been eating much and he hasn’t been as energetic. the roof of his mouth is yellow, so i thought jaundice, but it’s only the roof of his mouth. im worried about him having fatty liver disease, but he’s never been overweight. it’s also...
  6. reytamminen

    overweight beardie?

    hmm, so chompy is roughly 22”-23” in length and weighs ~590 grams before a meal (fluctuates but 590 is avg). after eating, he’s anywhere from 615 to 630. google says this means he’s overweight, but to me he *feels* like a healthy weight, or could even stand to gain a few grams. is he overweight...
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    can beardies smell/sense each other?

    yeah i wish i could keep phoeniz in another room but the problem is we have cats and i wouldn’t be able to watch him while i slept and i wouldn’t want to stress him out more
  8. reytamminen

    Scab and also shedding?

    i can’t really see anything, but she’s so cute! if it’s just a small scab it should heal up in a few days/weeks but make sure that her tank is staying clean and that you’re keeping an eye on it just in case. if anything changes or it gets worse you can always talk with your vet to double check 😄
  9. reytamminen

    Scab and also shedding?

    do you have any pictures?
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    can beardies smell/sense each other?

    hi, im currently babysitting my friends beardie and chompy is having some… issues. they can’t see each other however their tanks are in the same room. chompys been head bobbin and black bearding and basically just going ballistic in his tank. i got the other one last night. phoenix (my friend’s)...
  11. reytamminen

    tiny bump on tail?

    hi again! i noticed a small bump on chompys tail last night and was wondering about it. he’s getting ready to start shedding in that area, so that’s what i thought it could be, but i don’t know for sure. it’s kinda difficult to see in the pics. it’s not really hard but it’s not soft either; like...
  12. reytamminen

    beardie has fangs?

    that’s so funny bc chompy like. is not like that at all i’ve only been bitten by him once and that was when i was hand feeding him and he missed the berry
  13. reytamminen

    beardie has fangs?

    so today chompy was sittin w his mouth open and i noticed he has like. two front fangs. like he looks like a vampire. they’re tiny, but they’re still there. it was difficulty to get him to open his mouth so i can’t really get a good pic, but is this normal? he has one on both sides
  14. reytamminen

    what % of beardies have mbd?

    hi all, im doing a research/informative speech about beardies for my public speaking class and i wanted to talk about lack of uvb and mbd; but i cant seem to find any STATISTICS about mbd. i keep seeing "very common", "most common," etc, no actual stats on approximately how many beardies...
  15. reytamminen

    extremely short nails?

    hi all, i recently noticed chompys nails are very short. i admit i probably don’t cut them often enough, but when i do i definitely do not cut them this short. however- chompy is a VERY active beardie and spends the majority of his time running around, climbing, and exploring. when he wants to...
  16. reytamminen

    reliable online reptile shops?

    red trans het hypo tiger! preferably a darker red. we don’t really have any good reptile stores here that have different beardie morphs (that i know of)
  17. reytamminen

    reliable online reptile shops?

    hiii, do you guys know any reliable websites to buy beardies online? im looking for a certain morph and finding it at reptile stores IRL is difficult.
  18. reytamminen

    Beardie Rehome-So Cal

    where are you located? i have a spare enclosure and would be willing to take her in. are you charging a rehoming fee?
  19. reytamminen

    how to make beardie calm down?

    gawd my beardie has SO much energy. he's been wanting to run around all the time, so i've been taking him out of his tank and he runs around the house/my room for about an hour or two and then he cools off and needs to warm back up again. is this because it's getting warmer out? i don't think...
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    do beardies like purposely seek out the mirror to fight it? bc mine does and it’s really weird. like. i have the mirror mounted on the wall so he can’t see it but every time i let him out to run around he runs straight for where the mirror is and climbs things so he can fight it. is this normal...
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