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    Yes and yes, and Thank you for the fast reply and help. :blob5: :blob8: :blob5:
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    Hi All, I have recently noticed my beardie twitching near his lower jaw? Hard to explain, but is the oval by his jaw, I circled in the picture below as blue. I do not know what it's called. This has appeared a few times this month while feeding him, not every time though. Should I be concerned...
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    Dunner Beardies

    okay, thank you :D
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    Dunner Beardies

    Does anyone have any pictures of Dunner morph Beardies?
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    Basil's official photo thread. R.I.P.

    I am so sorry, He was such an adorable little guy, My condolences:(
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    Sleepy time

    yeah i think that's normal, cute beardie :blob8:
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    wax worm colony?

    well they would not be just for my beardie, we have some toads, mice, and of course my bearded, but my mom is also a wild life rehaber, and could use them for squirrels, chipmunks, and birds, and just trowing this out there i've heard some things about horn worms are they good for beardies? i...
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    wax worm colony?

    :blob8: HI! :blob8: i was wondering if any one had any experience on WAX WORMS, i was thinking of starting a colony, any tips or facts? anything can be helpful :D thanks :)
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    toothless the beardie

    here are some more pics, and happy veterans day! and if any of you are veterans, thank you for your service :) and sorry that some of the pics are sideways :? he want his veges sorry but if i was a wild animal, i would not eat him, id say oh how cute and walk off NOT BLOOD...
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