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  1. hdochow

    too much sun?

    ok guys, couldn't find a quick answer by searching so i'll put it out there for the masses. can you give your dragon too much sun? it is finally nice enough that sir henry of scales can come outside. i had him in his play pen while i was doing some garden weeding. i was keeping an eye on him...
  2. hdochow

    Happy Birthday!

    To the best of our estimating ability, today is Sir Henry of Scales' birthday!!! Looking good for a 1 year old with a really rough start to life. This is his favorite out of home location. He watches life go by, although he's not a big fan of the huge, rumbly trucks on the highway.
  3. hdochow

    Sir Henry of Scales's new home!

    The installation of Sir Henry's new home is finally complete! It is a 4'x2'x2' thick melamine enclosure with a solid top, side vents, and glass doors. The base is made from 2 kitchen cabinets from Home Depot that give a lot of storage room. The UVB fixture is a 36" Arcadia Pro T5 & Shade...
  4. hdochow

    ceramic heat emitter

    I have a new 4'x2'x2' custom melamine enclosure. I am wanting to get a CHE for it to so I am prepared for any instance where I would want higher night time temps, such as illness. I keep my house furnace at 66° at night, and the enclosure is right at 70° in the mornings before the lights come...
  5. hdochow

    limit on baths per week?

    Hello all, I have a question about bathing. I know it is not required on a daily basis, and that different dragons enjoy the water to varying degrees. Is there any reason NOT to bathe daily if the dragon enjoys it? I'm talking like a quick 5 minute morning swim under supervision as opposed to a...
  6. hdochow

    emergency bug out bag planning

    Hi all. I live in a tsunami zone on the Oregon Coast. We were briefly under a watch the other day due to the earthquakes near New Zealand, and it made me realize I need to add items to our bug out bags to care for our new bearded dragon. (I have the things we need for ourselves and our parakeet...
  7. hdochow

    Advice Needed for a Temporary Lighting Situation

    Good evening all. I have a 20L tank from Petco. I need some advice on which of the lights I own should be used. I have a 30" aquarium hood with a 24" Reptisun 10.0 T8, and then a 24" Reptisun ballast with two different bulbs, Reptisun T5 in both 10.0 and 5.0. I have ordered a custom 4'x2'x2'...
  8. hdochow

    Meet Sir Henry of Scales

    Hi guys! My name is hillary. My daughter Victoria (Tori) and I wound up "taking someone's Christmas present off their hands" in the beginning of January. His name was Henry, but he has since been knighted, and now goes by, "Sir Henry of Scales". Needless to say, he was seriously neglected when...
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