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  1. OpalAndZayde


    Hello! So I own 2 bearded dragons, one 2 yo and one about a year old. Both have never brumated and I am wondering if they should be? and how can I encourage this? I've been trying to get my hands on a light timer so their lights will be scheduled strictly and not on at slightly different times...
  2. OpalAndZayde

    Doesnt poo often?

    Hello! So my 2yo beardie, Opal has been eating as usual with a great appetite, and her viv is a 4x2x2' with a T5 24" tube around 10-12 inches from closest spot, as well as a 125watt heat bulb over the hot side. She sleeps on her driftwood and wont use hides. She has always been active and...
  3. OpalAndZayde

    Seems to be stress?

    Hello! So I got my lil guy, Zayde last November/December from a local pet store. He was super sweet and loved to be held from the beginning, however after a few months he started to hide in between the wall of his tank and his hide (which is a guinea pig hut out of fleece). Every time I would go...
  4. OpalAndZayde

    A couple quick things

  5. OpalAndZayde

    A couple quick things

    Hello all, wow its been a while since I've been on here. I own Opal, a 2 year old Fancy girl, and Zayde, a 10month (ish, I'm not really sure). I bought both from a local pet store and fed them crickets and mealworms (only mealworms that where white, hence they are soft as they just shed.) as a...
  6. OpalAndZayde

    Stress Marks?

    Hello! So I adopted my baby, Zayde in November 2020, from a local pet store. He was around a month old as I was told. So he's around 8 months old at the moment. He has grown like a weed, he eats like a pro, always trying new foods and he eats until he knows he's full. He doesn't mind being...
  7. OpalAndZayde

    Undigested Poo?

    Hello :) So, I've got a 1 year old female fancy dragon, about 16 inches from nose to tip of tail. She's always been super healthy, and had a fairly large appetite. However her last 2 poos have been almost completely undigested. with completely unchanged in shape pieces of carrot and apple...
  8. OpalAndZayde

    Baby ate Aloe

    Hey :P so I recently put a small Lace Aloe plant in my 4mo beardies tank. Yesterday I noticed he had bit off a small piece and I couldn't find it, if he did eat this, is that okay? will it harm him? I also put a small Jade plant in my older beardies tank.
  9. OpalAndZayde

    OK diet?

    Hi all! So I have a 3 month (ish) old leatherback bearded dragon who I got about a week ago, he was about 7 inches long from nose to tip of tail. He started eating a lot from day 1, and gets very exited when I bring out his insects. Anyway, he gets a mix of Collards, Lettuce, apple, cucmber...
  10. OpalAndZayde

    Stress Marks

    Hey all! So I just got a new baby beardie yesterday, and he is doing great! He is eating super well already, and doesn't mind being held and handled. He has a 36x18x18 Exo Terra terrarium, a T8 Zilla UVB fixture, 150watt Flukers heat basking bulb. He basks and explores his tank and seems happy...
  11. OpalAndZayde

    Zayde Alan!!

    Hello guys! I just wanted to welcome my new baby, Zayde Alan to the forums! He/she is about 2 months old, (in middle of a shed) leatherback fancy! Just got him/her this afternoon, and so far he/she is doing wonderful! Doesn't mind being held and has been basking and exploring his/her tank...
  12. OpalAndZayde

    What to expect with female dragon?

    Hello, so I have a female beardie who is about a year old. She is around 16" from nose to tip of tail. I have been told that female dragons will lay eggs every once in a while even without the presence of a male dragon. Is this true? and if so, what do I expect when this happens and is there...
  13. OpalAndZayde

    Goodbye, Felix

    I just wanted to make a short post in honor of my beloved 9yo leatherback Felix, who decided to go home today. I spoiled him in the last 2 years of his life that I had him, and I'm sure he lived the best life a dragon could have. He loved looking out the window with all his heart, he would be...
  14. OpalAndZayde

    Malnourished Beardie

    Hello, so I have a 7-9 year old male leatherback bearded dragon. He has been extremely healthy up until now. Back in August, we were getting ready to go for a camping trip, the day before we left he had been sleeping in his hide and didn't want to eat. I figured it was an early Brumation, and...
  15. OpalAndZayde

    VERY small for her age?

    Hello! I got a baby fancy the 13th of Oct 2019, she was about 5 inches long, and the store said she was 2-3 months. Now she is about 10 1/2 inches. She still looks so much like a baby, I'm worried that she isn't growing as fast as she should. I understand all bearded dragons have different...
  16. OpalAndZayde

    found a FROZEN frog, Elsa!

    Hello! just thought I'd share this funny story. My dad came home from work one night, and he had found a frozen leopard frog in his work parking lot! he put it in a container, and surprisingly, its ALIVE! I've been keeping it in a small tub, with rocks and a few pieces of driftwood, and some...
  17. OpalAndZayde

    A few health questions! please help!

    Hello, I recently bought a Fancy bearded dragon in October. The store said she was about 3-4 months old, and she was 6 inches long, nose to tip of tail. Now, about 4 months later she is only 10 inches long.. I'm worried shes a bit small? Or is she just a slow grower? she eats fine. and has a T8...
  18. OpalAndZayde

    Okay, so I was bored...

    :lol: :lol: He gave me the stink eye, just before he jumped off the couch and made a run for it :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Go ahead and post your random pics!!
  19. OpalAndZayde

    Let's see those sleeping positions XD

    Hey! Let's see your bearded dragon's sleeping position! here's Opals odd way of sleeping: Every night she sleeps this way :lol:
  20. OpalAndZayde

    Post those legs!

    Hey Guys! just thought I'd make a thread on those awesome beardie legs! here is Felix showing off his stuff! Go ahead and post your beardies legs!!!! LOL :lol:
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