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  1. reytamminen

    liver disease or brumation?

    please help. i’ve been very worried about chompy. he hasn’t been eating much and he hasn’t been as energetic. the roof of his mouth is yellow, so i thought jaundice, but it’s only the roof of his mouth. im worried about him having fatty liver disease, but he’s never been overweight. it’s also...
  2. reytamminen

    overweight beardie?

    hmm, so chompy is roughly 22”-23” in length and weighs ~590 grams before a meal (fluctuates but 590 is avg). after eating, he’s anywhere from 615 to 630. google says this means he’s overweight, but to me he *feels* like a healthy weight, or could even stand to gain a few grams. is he overweight...
  3. reytamminen

    can beardies smell/sense each other?

    hi, im currently babysitting my friends beardie and chompy is having some… issues. they can’t see each other however their tanks are in the same room. chompys been head bobbin and black bearding and basically just going ballistic in his tank. i got the other one last night. phoenix (my friend’s)...
  4. reytamminen

    tiny bump on tail?

    hi again! i noticed a small bump on chompys tail last night and was wondering about it. he’s getting ready to start shedding in that area, so that’s what i thought it could be, but i don’t know for sure. it’s kinda difficult to see in the pics. it’s not really hard but it’s not soft either; like...
  5. reytamminen

    beardie has fangs?

    so today chompy was sittin w his mouth open and i noticed he has like. two front fangs. like he looks like a vampire. they’re tiny, but they’re still there. it was difficulty to get him to open his mouth so i can’t really get a good pic, but is this normal? he has one on both sides
  6. reytamminen

    what % of beardies have mbd?

    hi all, im doing a research/informative speech about beardies for my public speaking class and i wanted to talk about lack of uvb and mbd; but i cant seem to find any STATISTICS about mbd. i keep seeing "very common", "most common," etc, no actual stats on approximately how many beardies...
  7. reytamminen

    extremely short nails?

    hi all, i recently noticed chompys nails are very short. i admit i probably don’t cut them often enough, but when i do i definitely do not cut them this short. however- chompy is a VERY active beardie and spends the majority of his time running around, climbing, and exploring. when he wants to...
  8. reytamminen

    reliable online reptile shops?

    hiii, do you guys know any reliable websites to buy beardies online? im looking for a certain morph and finding it at reptile stores IRL is difficult.
  9. reytamminen

    how to make beardie calm down?

    gawd my beardie has SO much energy. he's been wanting to run around all the time, so i've been taking him out of his tank and he runs around the house/my room for about an hour or two and then he cools off and needs to warm back up again. is this because it's getting warmer out? i don't think...
  10. reytamminen


    do beardies like purposely seek out the mirror to fight it? bc mine does and it’s really weird. like. i have the mirror mounted on the wall so he can’t see it but every time i let him out to run around he runs straight for where the mirror is and climbs things so he can fight it. is this normal...
  11. reytamminen

    please help- beardie is missing

    earlier i returned home and found that chompy was not in his tank. 4 of us have been looking everywhere for over an hour and he is nowhere to be found and i’m freaking out. we have two cats. it is almost 10 pm and i need to wake up at 5 am tomorrow- what should i do? when he wakes up he doesn’t...
  12. reytamminen

    white poop water??

    hi all, i just got home from work to discover chompy pooped in his tank. his poop is usually firm/healthy, but today it looked really weird ??? does anyone know why it looked like that? he’s been eating/exercising as usual, nothing seems off except for this piece of turd. he has been getting...
  13. reytamminen

    armpit spasm?

    hello again. chompy is having some spasms under his right armpit/ribcage area, any idea what from? hes got a t5 10.0 reptisun uvb 24 inch mounted inside his tank, a 150 watt mercury vapor heat bulb and every other meal gets dusted with calcium so i doubt it’s a calcium deficiency. his...
  14. reytamminen

    beardie obsessed with mom??

    okay this is kinda random, but my beardie is obsessed with my mom. it's so weird- whenever i take him out of his tank he always runs over to her and sits and cuddles with her. hes been doing this since he was a baby (hes 11 mo rn). he always goes and licks her or just. sits. on her for no...
  15. reytamminen

    new tankkkkk

    helloooo :) chompy got a new tank today, and he seems very happy about it. he seems more active than usual but not in a stressed out way- like he’s just walkin around his tank n he even stopped to eat some veggies. anyways- he was slipping around a lot bc i haven’t put anything in for substrate...
  16. reytamminen

    beardie “desensitized” to cat?

    hi all! so i got chompy as a baby (4 weeks) and i had my cat mimi then (still do). mimi is a very laid back cat and never played with chompy except for a few times but chompy would bite her nose or something to warn her and she would stop. she hasn’t played with him at all in months and they get...
  17. reytamminen

    brumation? and diet

    hi all! at what age do beardies start brumating? i’ve tried googling but answers are inconsistent. chompy is 10 months (he’ll be 11 mo in 10 days) and he’s displaying the basic signs of brumation (sleeping more and decreased appetite). it’s wintertime here so it makes sense. how can i get him to...
  18. reytamminen

    tank stand

    hi all, i’m going to be buying my boy a 180 (72”x24”x24”) gal tank in about 2 months, and i can’t seem to find a stand for it. i do not want to put it on the floor because i have two cats and a dog, and it would be difficult to open. do y’all know any good stands/where to find any? thanks!
  19. reytamminen

    scale fell off?

    hi all, today when i got home from school i noticed chompy has a scale that seems to have fallen off or gotten injured somehow. it wasn’t like this when i left this morning. it doesn’t seem to bother him all too much, but i can see spots of scab / blood so i am worried. it’s only the one scale...
  20. reytamminen

    weight & size

    hi! i was wondering what a good weight for a 22 inch beardie is? he is 9 months old and weighs 468 grams, but he looks skinny to me (the second pic he has calcium on his face and was taken after he was basking). he is dehydrated, but we are working on that right now by giving him daily baths and...
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