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  1. Tank time

    Tank time

    I think it's time for a bigger tank
  2. SunnyRalph

    Help identify

    I think she's a normal as well. She has a lot of sassy to her... lol
  3. Back in time out

    Back in time out

    This is what she does when I put her back in her tank
  4. SunnyRalph

    Help identify

    Thank you
  5. SunnyRalph

    Help identify

    help me identify her. Wanting to know all I can to make her happy. Taking care of her while kid is off to college. she is missing part of her tail. Was baught this way. My daughter cant keep her in the dorm room properly any more because of how much Raph has grown. We would like to know what...
  6. Chil time

    Chil time

  7. Friends on watch

    Friends on watch

  8. New rocks

    New rocks

  9. Loving new rocks

    Loving new rocks

  10. Hi


  11. What do u want

    What do u want

  12. I'm a big girl

    I'm a big girl

  13. What am i

    What am i

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