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  1. diamc

    Bearded dragon not laying eggs! Plz help!!

    Yes you could certainly put a blanket over the area of his while she's out & about could help. I do that with one of my adult males so he doesn't cause a big commotion.
  2. diamc

    Bearded dragon not laying eggs! Plz help!!

    Did you girl lay any eggs yet? Are the substrates at least 8" deep and moist?
  3. diamc

    brumation? and diet

    Maybe you could give them another call, let them know that you have some concerns & ask them to put you on the cancellation list.
  4. diamc

    New Here

    Hi, welcome to the forum. :) Would love to have you share some pictures of Thor and his setup with us when you get a chance. :)
  5. diamc

    brumation? and diet

    Hi, since a parasite infestation can mimic brumation, it would be a good idea to take a poop sample to be tested right away so it can be ruled out. If they have parasites and aren't treated, it can make them terribly sick since they drain their whole system.
  6. diamc

    December 2021 Photo Competition details

    Yes I sure did :)
  7. diamc

    Beardie 4 legs partial paralyzed/weak

    Hi Kim, so sorry about your dragon having such walking difficulties. I agree with the others that you should change to a linear UVB tube, the Arcadia 12% T5 high output bulb is the best bulb. You can place it on top of your screen. The coil bulbs are too weak and they decline very rapidly so...
  8. diamc

    December 2021 Photo Competition details

    Sounds like lots of fun. :)
  9. 20232269_10209836141875349_4442045096871020904_o.jpg


    Angie, she loved Christmas but ended up passing away in 2016 from a toxic reaction to a wasp sting. :(
  10. IMG_5736.jpg


    This is Laura
  11. diamc

    Is she dying 🥺

    So terribly sorry for your loss of Peanut. :( Sending you comforting hugs. <3
  12. diamc

    Is she dying 🥺

    If the temps are off or the UVB lighting isn't perfect, it can totally affect their behavior as well as making them not want to bask under the lights. Does your UVB bulb fit in a round dome or is it a long fluorescent tube? Are you using a round gauge, digital strip thermometer that changes...
  13. diamc

    Is she dying 🥺

    I had asked all these same questions above. ;)
  14. diamc

    Is she dying 🥺

    Poor girl, she is very bloated looking and also dehydrated. When did she last have a bowel movement? Had she recently shown any signs of being gravid with infertile eggs? Would try to get her to lick drops of water off her nose or give her another bath and try to encourage her to drink from it...
  15. diamc Upgrade - Info & Discussion

    Hi Alex, love the new look. The new features looks awesome too. :)
  16. diamc's Legacy Uploads

    diamc's Legacy Uploads

  17. diamc

    HELP beardie squeaking, rusty brown runny poop

    Unfortunately, they sell a lot of things that aren't good for bearded dragons, calci-sand and a lot of other loose substrates also. Good that he pooped, bet he feels more comfortable. I agree that you wouldn't want the basking spot to be any higher than 110. When you use the probe thermometer...
  18. diamc

    Humidity under my basking bulb, help!

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  19. diamc


    Yes you're right Karrie, that's a good article, another moderator wrote it a while back :)
  20. diamc

    HELP beardie squeaking, rusty brown runny poop

    Hi Momoffour glad to hear that he's acting better, would be a good idea to keep a close eye on him though because that video was very scary!. If you've been misting him inside the tank, please don't do that anymore because it can raise the humidity leading to an upper respiratory infection. The...
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