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    Clean up crew bugs

    What's a good website to order cleaners from? Anyone had any good experiences?
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    Bioactive soil recipe

    Please share what mixture you're using, layers, and clean up crew bugs. Hope those of you using have had success. I'm looking for some inspiration. Thanks. Pictures welcomed. Thanks
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    Heat specific bulbs.

    Anyone use the heat bulbs meant for other animals like chickens, dogs, and cats for a basking bulb? They make clear incandescent ones so they are none colored glass. Just curious.
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    Bioactive setup - plants

    Is a UVB T5 and halogen basking light enough to grow plants for an enclosure? Using an Arcadia 22inch and par38 flood bulb. Currently have some basil, rosemary, and dracena plant.
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    Male and female bearded dragons in same room

    I just recently took in a 5yr old male dragon from an owner who could no longer provide adequate care. I already have a 2- 3yr old female. I have them both setup in tanks on stands out in my living room. The past few days they Bob heads and wave at each other and go nuts. My question is should...
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    Exo terra 36x18x18

    Found one on local CL for 150. It's got screen to and it's the one that opens in front glass. Pickup or pass? Anyone using these got something to say about them?
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    Multiple enclosures/racks

    I need some folks to show off some pics of their rooms with multiple enclosures or rack setup. I will be adding a rescue tomorrow hopefully and I'm in need of some ideas
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    Gonna start a bioactive tank

    Just got settled in my new house and the new project my wife and I will be working on is setting up my 75 gallon tank for bioactive. Anyone have any helpful advice to help in the process?
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    Bio active soil users

    What layers are you using? What do you use to separate the layers? Where can you get clean up crew(bugs) What plants are safe for beardies? Final thoughts after using? Seriously considering this type of set up. Any input is welcomed. Thanks
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    75 gallon T5 questions

    Currently using a 22inch HO T5 reptisun 10.0 in matching hood. It's time to buy a new UVB bulb so I am thinking about upgrading to a dual 46in T5 fixture from lightyourreptiles. That way I can run a UVB and a 6500k bulb in the same fixture and really increase the brightness of the tank. Any...
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    How do YOU prepare salad?

    I'm just curious as to how others on the forum do salad. -What all veggies do you use? -Do you just tear up the leafy greens and mix? -Anyone using a food processor/chopper? -What do you store it in to stay fresh? Any input is appreciated!!
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    Leopard gecko rescue

    Took in a Leo from a local online posting. He's had some previous issues with shedding it looks like and his front left toes/fingers are knubbed. Good news is he is alert, has great appetite, and is taking to taming well. I've upgraded his home (of course) from a 10g with a heat rock to a 20L...
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    Not pooping often

    My dragon for the past three months has only been pooping two, maybe three times per month. Is this normal for young adult dragons or am doing something wrong with her diet? Any advice is welcome. Thanks!
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    Been a while since last poop.

    It's been about two weeks since my dragons last bathroom break. Is this too long? Do I need to go to vet?
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    Viv from old tv cabinet

    Found this at a local goodwill. Saw potential to make a great viv from it. Idk the exact measurements of the inside but I would guess it's about 3x3x1.5-2. Any thoughts on making a conversion of this thing? It's solid oak for the frame with some particle board on the inside.
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    Aqueon/ All-Glass pine stands

    Anyone using these for your terrarium? Is rather not build another stand for my 40b.
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    Halogen write up w/ pics

    My zoomed 100w burned out so I wanted to try halogen (again lol). I did some research on the zoomed repti halogen and reviews were almost all negative. So I took a trip to Home Depot. And found a Philips par38 that is BRIGHT white, not SOFT white. It's rated at "4 years" but Home Depot will...
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    Moving with a beardie?

    New job and I have to move. New place isn't big enough for my 75g and stand. So I've got to go back with my 40b tank. Anyone have any suggestions to make this part of the move easy? I don't want to stress out my beardie too much. Thanks.
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    New job. Need new routine suggestions.

    Starting full time employment after Labor Day. I have to be at work at 7:30a and will be home around 6-7p(excluding off days of course). Any ideas for a new routine to fit this schedule? Currently lights on at 7a and off at 9p. I feed and check temps at 8a. When I get home from this current...
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    Arcadia lighting. Worth the investment?

    Looking at getting a UV basking bulb kit along with a full length 6500K T5 as an upgrade for my 75g. This was recommended in an email by the folks over at Seems like a decent setup IMO. But I'd like the forums thoughts and opinions before I make final decision. If you...
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