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    I think some of us are finding it tricky to get Dubia Roaches at the moment. At least the size we need for our beardie. We typically order from the same awesome vendor but they were out of large so we went with The Critter Depot. This is our experience and correspondence with them which seems to...
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    Brumating for 7+ months??

    Lord I am so sorry I never came back with an update. He woke up about 2 days after I posted this (We removed his cardboard house tbh) and has TRIPLED in size with a hearty appetite of dubias and greens, loves his bath time poop and has even gotten to play outside recently in the warm days we’ve...
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    Brumating for 7+ months??

    Hey there. Our guy was less than a year when going into brumation. He’s been brumating for over 7 months now and this seems extremely excessive. We do keep his light/heat schedule to the normal routine and have woken him up and taken him out weekly for a bath/hydration session. He’s got water...
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