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    My baby beardie, she is a girl, she hasn't eaten in 2 days and since last night she has been keeping her head down. She wont climb because she keeps falling off. she even crawls with her nose touching the floor. every once in a while she will also take deep breathes and puff out the tiney tiny...
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    Rest In Peace Little Foot

    My poor little baby died Monday night... He slowed down on food for a good few days then stopped eating. I tried syringe feeding but he didn't want it. He was a tiny baby. 5" long from nose to tip of tail. I found him chewing his feet and took him straight to he hospital. I've been crying since...
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    I have a baby bearded dragon... She is 5" andMy scale broke so I am waiting for the new one... Idk what she weighs but how much should she typically weigh for this size... I don't know how old she is but I have had her for 1 month. The person I got her from said she was 4 weeks already but it...
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    My baby wont eat!

    So I have a little girl she is about 5.5 inches long, maybe even 6 (she doesn't stay still), She is very active and not lethargic... I have had her for almost two months she has had a full body shed already and two tail sheds... I feed her medium size phoenix worms. She wont eat greens I wiggle...
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    What type will I get?

    Hello! So I am new to the whole breeding scene of bearded dragons. I plan on pairing the two babies that I have in about a year and a half or maybe 2. The male is a hypo trans leather back and the girl is a trans leather back. I have heard if you breed two leather backs they will produce silk...
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