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  1. sammmycakes

    Osiris loves his car rides

  2. sammmycakes

    lazy beardie or something else?

    hi! I post on here all the time, but normally my issues are with my female bearded dragon. Now i have a small concern with my male beardie. Osiris is about 2 and a half now, a very healthy dragon according to our vet besides the fact he is kind of small. (Only about 16inches) Lately he seems to...
  3. sammmycakes

    yellow fungus came back

    Pixels yellow fungus came back :( I'm looking for somewhere I can order acidophilus for her that ships to canada and also the clorhexidine or nolvasan spray? If anyone knows please let me know ASAP.
  4. sammmycakes

    Brampton Custom Made Harness!!!

    So I met a lovely lady at my work who showed me pictures of a harness she made for her beardie. I ordered one right away even though she wasn't really planning on selling them. I got this beaut for 45$ and it's so secure and comfy for him it's awesome. It's got a nice long piece so he...
  5. sammmycakes


    i'm babysitting a bearded dragon while the family goes to florida. I knew nothing about the family or the beardie until he was dropped at my house. He is horribly skinny and had no UVB whatsoever. This beardie seems to be sighing a lot and I'm wondering if he has an upper respiratory infection...
  6. sammmycakes

    living with yellow fungus

    is it curable or is it just treatable? my girl has been on voriconazole for under a month now and i've seen drastic improvement in not only her appearance but her behavior/eating habits as well. I read so many horror stories about YF. I'm doing my best for her but I'm also not trying to get my...
  7. sammmycakes

    Not a beardie, but RIP Hugs.

    On boxing day I adopted two very sick leopard geckos. Hugs and Tugs was what I named them. Tugs barely made it a couple of weeks before we lost him but Hugs pulled through. We got her another cage friend as we noticed she stopped eating when we lost Tugs. Hugs started eating and fattening up...
  8. sammmycakes

    A place for my many pictures

    Instead of posting more than one thread every time I get a good picture I'll just keep posting in this one :) :blob5:
  9. sammmycakes

    In need of some advice, we have yellow fungus

    My sweet Pixel has just been diagnosed with yellow fungus. I'm looking for any suggestions or advice on caring for her. I'm waiting for my vet to get her oral medication on Monday and for now I am told to apply monistat topically. Any advice is appreciated..
  10. sammmycakes

    Missing Scales (PICTURES)

    Hi guys! I noticed this on my beardie late last night and didn't get a chance to post. I was holding my beardie Pixel who is currently shedding her back and I noticed 3 spots that were bright white and looked as if they had no scales at all. They felt rubbery and when I was touching them Pixel...
  11. sammmycakes

    Help! Should I get another?

    So I'm in love with yet another bearded dragon. I call him Dennis the Menace after he bit the tail of a female beardie he was housed with. One of my good friends/coworkers bought the female and her name is Sophie. She is a happy healthy beardie.. Now I'm trying to make a list of pros and cons...
  12. sammmycakes

    Axolotl love!

  13. sammmycakes

    He makes it hard for me to go to work...

    We were having some snuggle time after Osiris helped me get ready for work. Now I don't want to go!!
  14. sammmycakes

    not a beardie intro.

    hey everyone I wanted to write an intro for my newest family member. He is not a bearded dragon but he is still quite wonderful. Say Hello to my new axolotl baby, Sosuke! I bought him for 5$ from a petstore that said he wasn't doing well. I have a 1 year old axolotl named Ponyo who I love...
  15. sammmycakes

    Is this yellow fungus?

    I'm starting to worry about my 7 month old beardie named Pixel. She has these yellowish markings on her belly. Pixel does not do well shedding on her own due to a past injury but is also quite aggressive so it's hard for me to help her. I don't know if this is the beginning of yellow fungus or...
  16. sammmycakes

    Anubis and Tiny Boss!

    Tiny boss (owner: melissaha) went to the vet the other day and stopped by my house for a visit on his way home. He met Anubis my uromastyx :)
  17. sammmycakes

    Osiris saw Pixel today....

    Normally my two beardies can't see each other, but today I pulled the seperator out to grab something from behind the tank and this is what happened.. I quickly covered it back up because I didn't want to cause anymore stress between the two. Osiris immediately deflated and his beard went back...
  18. sammmycakes

    Osiris and Anubis

    my sweet boys :) Anubis- Mali Uromastyx Osiris- "Fancy" Bearded Dragon
  19. sammmycakes

    I'm kind of new to leos, is he going to lose his toe?

    Hi everyone, I recently adopted two very sick leopard geckos. You can read the full story here: viewtopic.php?f=44&t=202634 my question now is, on tugs' feet he had retained shed so I've been slowly trying to loosen it for him because I noticed the one tip of his toe turning black. Today I got...
  20. sammmycakes

    Hugs and Tugs! (leopard geckos)

    Today I rescued two very malnourished leopard geckos. I named them hugs and tugs because one likes to hug my thumb and the other one bites my fingertips and pulls on them during feedings. (also named after care bears) Hugs is missing a good chunk of his tail because a hiding cave was placed on...
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