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    Beardie just sits there all day.

    Hi there. I have a 2 and a half year old BD. He just sits around all day in his cool side. Temps are 108F & 87F. He seems to be eating normally. UVB is a repti-glow 10.0 9 month version. about 4 months old. I feed him loctus 3 times a week, dusted with calcium or multi vitamins + veggies and...
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    Beardie prefers the cool side - I'm worried.

    Hey guys. My Berdie is coming up to 1 and a half years on soon and has been in good health, however my Beardie preferences the cold side. He just spends his time in his hammock or relaxing on a log on his cold side and rarely basks. I actually have to move him to his basking spot, or he wont...
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    1 week in-between poops.

    Hey guys, I have a question regarding stool movements. My Beardie Dumpling has only been passing his stools about 1 week apart. (Give or take a few days) He's about 1 Year and 2 months old. Is there any reason for this? He has correct temps, (About 110 f), correct UV bulb etc, gets fed 5 times...
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    Is my beardie too small??

    Hey, My BD is coming up to a year in Feb, but I'm a bit concerned about his size. What do you think? I would have thought by a year they would have been bigger.
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    How much should I feed my new beardie?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forums and i'm a new bearded dragon owner. I need some advice. When I got Dumpling, the reptile shop man said you should feed them about 6-8 crickets A day. Now i'm not sure this is correct as I see some people posting on here saying they feed their beardie 30+...
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