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    MrSpectrum's Legacy Uploads

  2. MrSpectrum

    Final questions before DIY build begins!

    Glad you ruled out melamine--don't get me started. :roll: In my own experience, I think 3/4" was overkill. It weighs 50% more than 1/2". If you've planned things out well, you should be able to figure out how many sheets you'll need/use, how much each sheet weighs, do the math, and decide...
  3. MrSpectrum

    Lizard "Zoomies"

    Before, after, once or twice a day for the heck of it... AFAIK, it's just his active period. Zoomies might be an apt analogy. At times I've considered that; OTOH, there are times he'll run right through it. Vast majority of the time, he'll hit the paper towel, but every so often, he'll do it...
  4. MrSpectrum

    New baby behavior

    This sounds so much like my own experience that I had to check to see if I hadn't written it. :lol: EDAD (Each Dragon Is Different) and some are like this. I agree P&P (Patience & Perseverance) are the way to go, and eventually, he will come around. I did all the recommended/suggested...
  5. MrSpectrum

    I TOLD them they shouldn't do that "FREE ROLL OF TOILET PAPER WITH EVERY DUBIA ORDER" promotion. :laughhard:
  6. MrSpectrum

    Can supers cause dehydration?

    According to most sources I've seen, superworms generally contain more moisture/water than dubias. Feeder Insect Nutrition Facts for Reptile Keepers This isn't to say you couldn't have had a batch of drier supers, but as noted, raw carrots & other rot-resistant veggies should provide them with...
  7. MrSpectrum

    Temperature during power outages

    I think both the direct and implied questions have been answered pretty well; what I have to add builds off some of the suggested remedies--insulation. With the right insulation, you could (theoretically) put a BD in an insulated box, put the box in a freezer, and take him/her out a month later...
  8. MrSpectrum

    Medicine Addict? Lol

    What's the medicine? Is it bug-flavored? (That was a joke--please don't taste it). :D
  9. MrSpectrum

    Striking a Pose...

    _ This Happened... The other day I was sitting in my chair, which is along the same wall--and 6 ft. away (social distancing?) from--ZᴀRDᴏZ' enclosure, when I saw this... Now those tiles cap off his basking mountain/tower, which is 6 bricks high, and he's less than 3 bricks long (nose to vent)...
  10. MrSpectrum

    Dandelions: Well, that was interesting...

    UPDATE: Been trying dandelions & greens daily. All he'll do is strew them around the enclosure looking for superworms in the bottom. I'm done with those. BT-DT. Tried some thawed out frozen veggies (I try them every few weeks). After starving the little monster for almost 2 weeks, he's...
  11. MrSpectrum

    New Neighbors Constantly Smoking

    This isn't too far off from what I was going to suggest. In my day, people stuffed towels under their doors, but since legalization, I don't spoze folks do that anymore. IANAL Anyway, I would first look to your lease. There's usually some kind of clause about causing nuisances, constructive...
  12. MrSpectrum

    Dragon wants out all the time

    If you have no way of knowing how she behaved when you weren't working at home and in your room all day, then I'd say it's very likely. EDID (Each Dragon Is Different) so some do behave differently when we're around than when we aren't--others don't. Some might say she has you trained well...
  13. MrSpectrum


    Includes the above plus several more. FINDING/CHATTING WITH A HERP VETERINARIAN, MORE Huntington Park... CA? herp veterinarians Huntington Park You may have to visit a few websites and/or send a few emails to find out if a particular vet hospital has a herp vet.
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  16. MrSpectrum

    Acacia T5 12% vs14% uvb trip

    Wattage really has nothing to do with anything except that longer T5s draw more power than shorter ones (which makes sense). It doesn't affect the intensity/strength of the UVB, distance, etc. 24" or 36" (nominal)... Either one. :dontknow: The point I was trying to make is that if the 24"...
  17. MrSpectrum

    Bearded Dragon Digging like Crazy!

    You're citing your own posts as proof of... what? :? That anomalies exist? The following sites (and many, many, many more)
  18. MrSpectrum

    Acacia T5 12% vs14% uvb trip

    What is the length of your current fixture/bulb--it may be sufficient. You don't really want the UVB to run the whole length of the enclosure. 2/3 to 3/4 is usually recommended, but some folks run 1/2 the length. The idea there is that your dragon should be able to get out of the UV if s/he...
  19. MrSpectrum

    enrichment ideas?

    IME, I think some glass surfing isn't/shouldn't be too disconcerting. ZᴀRDᴏZ gets an "active period" lasting around a half hour, right around noon every day that generally includes some surfing, trying to pull the doors open, beating up plants, exploring his enclosure, and general running...
  20. MrSpectrum

    Giant mealworms and supers as staples?

    Have you tried it in her coffee? :laughhard:
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