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    Spending time at cool side of viv. Why?

    My 8 year old male has chosen to spend most of the time on the opposite side of his viv, which is the cool side. This is unusual for him. He’s eating/pooping as usual, except pooping in the viv. He has trained me to take him to a sink with water and then poops. He waits at the front nearest to...
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    Blood during bath in sink: help

    He poops in sink with water. Today I see blood. I put him again in clean water and I see bright red blood water. What does this usually mean and what can I do for him. All lighting/heat and his appetite is normal. He is 7 years old.
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    I have a digital timer that needs replacement. Anyone have experience with non digital timers such as: 4.4 out of 5 stars 10,893 Reviews BN-LINK BND-60/U47 Indoor Mini 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer, 3-Prong, 2-Pack
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    Why always a black beard?

    Probably genetics?
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    Tail discolored

    What is causing his tail to darken? Thank you.
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    Wake up/sleep cycle

    I’ve always had my dragon have 12 hours sleep and 12 hours awake. Would a 15 hour sleep, 9 hour awake be detrimental?
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    Best automatic timer for lights?

    Hello, What are some of the recommended automatic timers that control the times when lights come on and off? Thank you, Luvmybd
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    Concern over news on salmonella and BD’s

    Is this something isolated to specific pet shops/breeders ?
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    Flucker’s freeze dried crickets from Superworms??

    Before COVID-19 my 5 year old dragon ate superworms as his source of protein. Now he’s eating freeze dried crickets/worms and is pooping every other day Vs twice/week on superworms. Although he seems to love the crickets, he’s not as friendly and his beard is sometimes dark, as underneath his...
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    Beardie’s head has intermittent tremors

    My 4 year old male’s head has these little mini movements several times per day. His has a great appetite; all lighting and heating has not changed. His protein source are Superworms dusted with calcium and once/week dusted with a multiple vitamin. Anyone know what this ?
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    He’s head bobbing me

    Once in a while my bd gives me a head bobb. I know he sees me through the glass of his viv. There are no other beardies or other pets in the house. What could this mean?
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    German Giants...

    Hello, My breeder of German Shepherds travels to Germany several times per year and is willing to bring back a German Giant. Anyone know of a source in Germany where she can purchase one? Thank You
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    Best gender?

    Hello I have 2 viv's (4x2x2), one stacked on another. In the bottom viv lives a one year male. Would you choose a male or female for the top viv and why.
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    Constant black beard....

    He's 10 months old, eats well, poops everyday, temps are all correct. I've had two other dragons that lived for 7 and 8 years. I bought him when he was 4 months old and his beard changed approximately three months later. There was a male dragon in a cage above, but it was not in his sight. The...
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    Average growth from 6mos to 1 year?

    Hello, What is the typical growth in inches for a dragon who is 6 months old (now 18") and 1 year?
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    German Giants

    Hello, I am very interested in a male German Giant approximately 3-4 months old. Plain color is fine and even preferred. Thank You, luvmybd
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    Feces pic: normal?

    My 3 yr old male has been spending an usual amount of time basking and making poo everyday for the last month. Prior to this he goes only in a bath ~ every 5 days. Notice the red surrounding the feces. Look normal? What do you think is going on? Thank You...
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    3 yr old male constant basking & stress marks

    Hello, My 3 yr old male has been basking directly under the basking bulb (101 F on his head using temp gun) which is not normal for him, from the morning until lights go off (7:30am - 7:30pm) for the last 3 days. He is also making poo once or twice/day in his viv. Normally he makes every 5...
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    Natrual color but sheds orange

    One of my neigbors 1 year old male dragon is a natural color but when his leg or back sheds, he sheds orange and then the colorations return to a natural color: why is this and what does this mean? Thank You
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    Tempered glass

    Are most 4x2x2 cages made with regular or tempered glass?
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