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    Gourmet dining for my beardie

    so my beardie rex is 2 years old and extremely healthy. Hes been a great pet and i will definitely continue my life with beardies in them. Aside from that hes a bit stubborn when it comes to his greens. I vary greens and other reliable vegetables and fruits but today i had a break thru. i had...
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    Video of my rex eating crickets almost a year ago!

    its exciting to see how much beardies grow when you have them. id like to share my youtube video i uploaded months ago that i recently stumbled apon. just a reminder of how far hes came!
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    Baby bearded turning pale???

    So I've had Moses for about 3 weeks now and he's been eating regularly and pooping just fine. I've noticed his body has became pale-ish. He is young and it could be the beginning of shedding. I am fairly new to Beardies so I'd like to get a professional opinion
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    Beardies live together Part 1

    So I got a new beardie about two weeks ago from petsmart. He's since thrived. Grown in size. Bonding growing stronger by the day. Able to let roam the room and stays withing reason and shows affection. So I went out today to get another despite what I had read. I have heard how the majority of...
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    How's the new guy looking?

    So I recently bought a new beardie from petsmart. I know everyone has their own separate feelings on buying from a big chain pet store and I will agree it may not be the best place to buy a reptile. But this store is clean and has a fairly decent reptile section. Most of the selection looked...
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    New dragon owner

    Hey guys im completely new to the world of bearded dragons so im just going to go over when i got him and how ive been caring for him. Any tips suggestions warnings concerns are all welcome and appreciated. I bought him about 4 days ago now and have been keeping him on a 12 hour light cycle. I...
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