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    Omg its Santa! I know him!

    Sunny has decided to celebrate Christmas early this year and is wearing his Santa beard proudly. He is done with the doom and gloom.
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    Aww he fell asleep on my hand, I think.

    Sunny fell asleep on my hand tonight. It was already his bed time. He wasn't asleep yet so I picked him up to get some bonding time in and he basically fell right to sleep. I was thinking he was stressed or something. But he really didn't want to wake up for nothing lol. I was like hey bud...
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    First bath!

    I just finished giving Sunny his first bath. It went so well. I kept it pretty short but he didn't freak out or anything. No stress marks either. And Darn it I forgot to take a picture. I was too worried and hyper focused lol. I'm so happy it was a success!
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    Meet Sunny!

    Meet Sunny! We got her/him two days ago. ? This is my first reptile. I'm so excited but scared because this little dragon is so teeny tiny right now. Wish us luck! I'm so happy I found this place.
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