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    Bloody toe?

    Noticed this wound under his nail… suggestions? No idea how it happened
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    BMs during brumation

    How often should a beardie pass a bm if brumating? He’s not eating and is spending time on the cool side of his tank. He will eat bugs however, just not salad. He will move around if I take him out, but ultimately just looks to hide under something to take a nap (as usual). I’m worried he has a...
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    Irregular BM?

    He has a multi vitamin supplement, and the vet gave me probiotic to sprinkle on his food but he hasn’t had that in a long time. The multi vitamin a don’t give very often. For a while I was out of regular calcium so I’m wondering if it could be too much d3?
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    Irregular BM?

    I used to breed dubias, but don’t anymore. Now he gets maybe 1-2 superworms a day with the weekly 10 crickets and occasional horn worm.
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    Irregular BM?

    It’s t5
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    Irregular BM?

    it is directly over the basking area about 12 in
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    Irregular BM?

    The uvb and lights are not blocked by a screen
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    Irregular BM?

    40 gallon tank, reptisun 10.0 changed every 6 months, eats majority greens (collard, mustard, endive, escarole) with the occasional bug. Gets a bath at least once a week. I feel he hasn’t had a solid bm in a while. Is this normal?
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    Teeth brushing

    I just found out I need to be brushing his teeth? I ordered chlorhexidine gluconate- is this good to put on a q tip and brush with?
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    Nail fell off :(

    How do I upload pictures?
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    Nail fell off :(

    For a little while his toe was swollen and had a lot of shed around it, he shed and today his nail fell completely off :( anything to do to help it? We can’t get to the vet for a week. He doesn’t appear to be in pain.
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    Skin condition?

    Thank you!
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    Skin condition?

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    Not eating, pooping, or shedding/yellow urate

    I have a 40 gallon tank and reptisun 10.0 T5 that is probably about a foot away, temps in basking around 110-115 F with variability on cool end, above 65 F at night. Dust everything w calcium, about half the time with d3, sometimes with other vitamin mix. His beard has never turned black, but...
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    Not eating, pooping, or shedding/yellow urate

    He has been progressively slowing down little by little and now is just eating nothing. Also his irate was yellow last time he pooped which was almost a week ago. I at first thought he was just getting older and his metabolism is slowing down, then thought possible brumation, but now I feel...
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    I have a 10-11month old male that's 16 in. My local pet store started carrying hornworms and I've seen them being fed online before so I got excited thinking it'd be fun to try. Are they too big for him though? They are larger than I expected
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