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  1. spyder79

    Just saying goodbye to the forum

    I've reassessed my priorities and have come to realize that posting on bearded dragon/reptile forums just is not for me anymore. With the current status of my career, my future plans, and my college curriculum I just do not have time for it any longer. Its been great getting know all of yall...
  2. spyder79

    Updated photos of Nibbler (my italian leather)

    My italian leatherback male from baltimore beardies parents genetics = Dachiu Red het hypo X baltimore beardies red italian leatherback Hatch date april 15th This is him when I got him 3 months old Him now (5.5 months old 18 inches no idea on weight as my scale is not working)
  3. spyder79

    updated photos of this years babies as requested

    Well a bunch of folks have asked me for photos of how my babies have changed. Well here ya go This years babies. Oldest Bella X Dr. Evil that aren’t spoken for yet Hypos from my Koral X Orion pairing Hets from my Koral X Orion Pairing Younger Bella X Dr. Evil clutch...
  4. spyder79

    My pick of the litter this season

    This one is just drool worthy.  I had hoped for more of them to hatch out this way but at least I got one.  Enjoy the eye candy. She hasn't even shed yet. I can't wait to see how she grows (ps if you didn't know she is staying with me lol) Hypo Nuclear orange (what I was hoping to produce from...
  5. spyder79

    my feeder suggestion

    Well for those of you that remember my thread where I received a large colony of hisser adults this is a piggy back on it. For those of you who do not remember the post here is the link I am...
  6. spyder79

    bella x dr evil 1 month old

    This one is already spoken for by a member of And this one is my hold back from this clutch (2 pictures of the same dragon 1 close up to show the extreme reduced scale pattern)
  7. spyder79

    this years clutches

    first updated pics of dr. evil X bella clutch one now here are group shots of clutch 2 from bella and evil and lastly my newest babies these are from Orion and Koral (Hypo tang male X Cawley Red het hypo female) first 4 to hatch
  8. spyder79

    The Red Vs. Orange debate.

    Well a post on another forum concerning favorite colors brought up something that I always find amusing in the bearded dragon world. The red Vs. orange debate. A dragon that most would call red being orange and vice versa. I have a few pics posted below and i would love to hear your input on...
  9. spyder79

    Nibbler at 3 months old (my male leatherback)

    Nibbler is the leatherback male I got in may.  So first here is a pic of him when he got here. and here is him now (just shed earlier today)
  10. spyder79

    first clutch of the season started hatching...

    yesterday. I snapped some teaser photos will take more tonight i promise. :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8:
  11. spyder79

    Another Saturday in NOLA (dial up users beware)

    saturday we went to cajun pride tours and to the Oak alley plantation (the one from interview with a vampire) enjoy
  12. spyder79

    July 3-4 Baton Rouge Repticon

    We have a brand new show in Louisiana. It will be a repticon sponsored exotic animal expo in baton rouge. I hope it is awesome I will be there on the 3rd. link to it
  13. spyder79

    Went to Insta-Gator ranch today

    Well, since I work Sunday-Friday now Saturday is me and my wifes "big day out" so to speak. Today I suggested we go to the Abita beer brewery (anyone in Louisiana knows all about Abita beer). After leaving the brewery (with a slight buzz due to free beer and having not eaten yet) we decided on...
  14. spyder79

    Update for Crypticdragons

    So I have been slightly MIA as of late due to all the things involved with acclimating to my new area but while I was gone I added a new lil fella to the family and have had 2 of my girls lay some clutches. First here are pictures of Nibbler a male leatherback produced by Baltimore Beardies...
  15. spyder79

    Louisiana Reptile and Exotic Animal Expo

    When: June 5th and June 6th from 10 AM to 5 PM Where: The Alario Center in Westwego, La Link to site: Myself and kristin will be there on the 5th checking things out (scoping out the competition for the show in November when I vend lol). just...
  16. spyder79

    New Orleans Reptile Expo

    So we are officially moved into our apartment in New Orleans (River RIdge/Jefferson Parrish but basically New Orleans). Still waiting for our movers to show up that should be around the 15th, then I will have all of my furniture lol. I am enjoying the area so far. Gotta get locked in with the...
  17. spyder79

    Cooler Incubator How to

    So I have seen quite a few folks asking about cooler incubators. So I found this online and figured it would be nice to post. Info found here >>>
  18. spyder79

    freshly molted male hisser

    Figured yall would appreciate these photos.
  19. spyder79

    What feeders do you breed? What feeders do you buy?

    Well I thought it would be interesting to see what feeders everyone keeps/breeds. Personally I have a extremely successful Turkistan Roach colony(red runners), of course they are extremely easy to keep and breed. I also have a fairly successful dubia colony (full rebuild due to problems from a...
  20. spyder79

    This year at Cryptic Dragons

    This year's breeding lineup will be Koral a 20 inch 465 gram Female Cawley Red (very orange) het hypo Bred to Orion a 20 inch 410 gram Male Hypo Tangerine (20 clear nails) Them together Hopefully these two will produce some very high orange phase hypos. We will see Next up Dr Evil A...
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