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    Preovulatory Stasis and Surgery/Spaying

    Thanks for the response! You are right, it is a difficult choice. I did not take home the ultrasound from the vet, but my current vet and one other have taken quite a few ultrasounds/x-rays/blood/fecal samples of her over the past year. The ultrasound showed many large follicles along with a...
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    Preovulatory Stasis and Surgery/Spaying

    The vet did an ultrasound last week on my 3-year-old rescue beardie and determined that she has preovulatory stasis, which is basically the retention of follicles that have not been reabsorbed or developed into eggs. The vet suggested that surgery is the best route in which they will remove the...
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    Normal egg laying behavior?

    About a year and a half ago, I adopted a female bearded dragon. She is now ~3 years old. Since I've adopted her, she has had multiple trips to the vet/health concerns. Her past owner did not feed her greens, she did not have adequate UV, and her enclosure was way too small. Immediately upgraded...
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    Constant glass surfing in new habitat

    I have a female bearded dragon that is roughly 3 years old. Three weeks ago, I upgraded her enclosure to a 4 x 2 x 2 enclosure from Zen Habitat. Since I've put her into the enclosure, she has not stopped glass surfing. I figured the first week was normal, but now I am concerned because she...
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    Zen Habitat w/ Arcadia Set Up

    Hi! One more question- I moved Lincoln into her new zen habitat with the 36'' arcadia fixture and bulb about 4 days ago. For the first two days, she did not seem stressed and didn't really glass surf at all. She was quick to find her hammock, explore, and eat. Yesterday and today, she has...
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    Zen Habitat w/ Arcadia Set Up

    This is very helpful, thank you!! I love your set up :)
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    Zen Habitat w/ Arcadia Set Up

    I just bought a new 4x2x2 zen habitat for my beardie and I’m very excited to get it set up. In her current tank, she has a 22in t5 Arcadia 12% bulb resting on top of her enclosure approx ~10 inches from her basking spot. For her new tank, do I need to upgrade to a longer bulb at 36inches or will...
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    Relocation concerns?

    Is it okay to temporarily relocate an otherwise healthy, gravid bearded dragon for 1 month? Or would it cause too much relocation stress for her? I am hoping to visit my parents for a month (about an hour's drive away), but I want to ensure my beardie would be okay with the move while gravid...
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    Weird Throat Behavior

    Hi, She does it about 1 to 2 times a day. She hasn't been coughing or wheezing though and she''s been eating her normal daily salad and crickets. I took her to the vet today just in case and according to her x-ray, there is nothing in her throat but she does have quite a few eggs that are soon...
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    Weird Throat Behavior

    Hi- I called to schedule a vet appointment already so my beardie should hopefully get in in the next day or two, but regardless I could use any advice for the moment being: Lincoln has been much darker the past few days and has been "black bearding" often. She finished shedding about two weeks...
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    Gravid.. for awhile?

    Here you go! I will make sure to look out for any lethargic behavior.
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    Gravid.. for awhile?

    I adopted a 2 year old bearded dragon back in November and found out he was a she in January at the vet. The vet x-rayed her at the time and saw some developing eggs that had not been fully formed. I made her a dig box and ensured all of her lighting, feeding, and calcium was correct. It is...
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