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  1. mochi&ash<33

    Looking for a new home for ash (Virginia)

    Ash is a 5 month old male (I think) bearded dragon, looking for a home that is able to give him the care needed. Loves broccoli, mustard greens and crickets. Phone number for questions, concerns, etc : 540-671-0818 This is heartbreaking for me but I know it’s the right thing to do
  2. mochi&ash<33

    Bath time

    when I give my beardie a bath he will like try to run up the walls and his beard will get black and he gets really stressed, he’s 5 months and I bathe him in the tub I use (but I clean it out with water and wipe it down with a towel) and I will put my hand out but he will just try to run up my...
  3. mochi&ash<33

    Glass Pacing

    My beardie is glass surfing/pacing a lot recently, he’s 5 months old, I’ve been giving him crickets every other day and mealworms daily and I can’t let him out because I have alot of stuff he can run and hide in to where I can’t get him (he’s gone under the dishwasher and I got him back but it...
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