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    eggs suddenly gone? binding?

    Hello I'm a little freaked out right now, my bearded dragon was ready to lay fertile eggs and was bouncing around her tank. I introduced her to the lay box many times but she just seemed to want to run around more. Yesterday she didnt eat a whole lot so i assumed she was finally gonna start...
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    Light Stress Marks

    Hi! Since my beardie layed eggs on Wednesday night she's had some light stress marks and I'm not sure why. She previously NEVER got stress marks. She's been eating great since she layed and the marks will disappear occasionally for about an hour (usually when she eats) and then they'll show back...
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    Egg in poop? (infertle)

    Sorry I've been on here so often but eggs are new for me! About 3 days ago Moby starting eating less, and I felt her belly and there were a few eggs I could feel! 2 days ago started the glass surfing, and yesterday I added a laybox to her tank. She's still glass surfing, I havent seen her dig...
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    Is this soil okay for a laybox?

    Sorry if the answer is obvious but i wanna make sure there's no fertilizer in this before I let her dig around! :blob8:
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    Is my beardie stunted?

    Im kinda freaking out right now, so im sorry if parts of this are hard to understand. My bearded dragon Moby is ~21 months old and about 17 inches tail to snout. I wish I could weigh her but I dont have a scale. I got her from a Petco (bad I know now) August 2019. I've never had problems with...
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    Lay box?

    Hi! Last Thursday I was taken by surprise when my 1.5 year old beardie (who I thought was male) started laying eggs! She layed 25 all around her enclosure and has been eating like crazy after. I've been giving her extra bugs (dubias), calcium, and been offering more water cause that's what I...
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    baby beardie always seeing himself in reflection?

    hello! this is my first post on here i've been lurking awhile but i haven't seen anyone answer this question: ive had my ~3 month old moby for almost a month and sometimes i catch him staring at himself in the reflection of his glass enclosure. sometimes he'll fight it, (not intense, he's like...
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