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  1. Sleeping Drogo

    Sleeping Drogo

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    Lighting Help for Newbies (:

    Thank you for the feedback! I will get on it asap!
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    Lighting Help for Newbies (:

    Hello everyone! I live in North Dakota so it does get a bit chilly up here but i need some input for my new tank. It's a PVC cage so I cannot just set lights on top for a heat source and it isn't very tall so mounting a light inside probably shouldn't be attempted since my beardie might burn...
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    New user! First dragon! Need input

    I am also new to Bearded Dragons and just bought a cage that is very similar! Drogo says Hi! There is a light source inside but I am trying to figure out a way to either mount the light inside the cage or I am gonna have to cut a hole into the top for a light fixture. Right now I have...
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