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  1. pimmsoclock87


    Picked up my new beardie last saturday :D :D Was a 9 hour drive tho but she was worth it!!! Been waiting until she has shed to show pics but its taking too long and im getting impatient lol. Think i'm going to call her Amber as that was her mothers name, she sadly passed away a couple of...
  2. pimmsoclock87

    Cleaning wood for vivarium

    Ive got about 4 pieces of wood that im a going to try and use for both of my vivariums as its SOOO expensive buying it from pet shops. BUT what is the best way to remove all the bark off of them and to clean them all up to kill all the bugs and crap all over them?
  3. pimmsoclock87

    Reptuable UK breeders

    Does anyone know any recommended UK breeders? Looking to expand my beardie family :D Would LOVE one of the lovely ones from bloodbankdragons but with export costs etc its going to be out of my price range. Looking for nice coloured morphs, maybe a nice red/orange hypo leatherback :D
  4. pimmsoclock87

    Biggest bearded dragon?!

    Imagine the food bill!
  5. pimmsoclock87

    Calcium + Vitamins

    Need to order some supplements and was looking at zoomed Reptivite (vitamins) and the zoomed calcium Im using a reptisun 10 uvb bulb so i need the calcium with D3 but what about the vitamins? should i get it with D3 as well? wasnt sure if too much D3 is bad? Also do you need to dust phoenix...
  6. pimmsoclock87

    Do beardies feel heat...

    ......On their feet? I know they can't sense heat on their bellys but what about the bottom of their feet? :?:
  7. pimmsoclock87


    Sorry just had to post this! Rex has just eaten his first ever piece of fruit in over 7 weeks!! Just been and got him some fresh bananna and apple (i know these are not the best but he wasn't eating ANY veg or fruit so thought i would just try these) He has just cleared his bowl :D :D I...
  8. pimmsoclock87

    Calcium + Vitamins

    Currently i have the Nutrobal Calcium/Vitamin dusting all in one, but will soon need to buy some more. Anyone recommend Calcium and Vitamins. Preferably i would the calcium and vitamins to be seperate so i can do the 5days calcium 2 days vitamins. Are all the calcium powders basically the same...
  9. pimmsoclock87

    Winking Beardie

    Just recently iv'e noticed Rex closes one eye quite a bit, its not always the same eye so i don't think its an infection in a certain eye. He does it sometimes when he is in his viv but always when he is sitting on me. Is this normal? wasn't sure if he was just resting a eye :roll: I have...
  10. pimmsoclock87

    Reptile vets

    Hi just wondering if anyone know any reptile vets in west sussex around the bognor regis area or in lincolnshire around sleaford? If not anyone know a place a could try? been looking around the net with no luck :cry: Just want to find a decent vets that people have used and would recommend...
  11. pimmsoclock87

    Stinky poop :-s

    :shock: are beardies poops normally really smelly?! Its just the last few days ive noticed how bad it really is! might be that am not feeling great and every funny smell is making my stomach gurgle! :puke: I clean it up straight away but it seems to linger in the viv. Is there any sort of...
  12. pimmsoclock87

    lobster and Turkistan roaches

    Just wondering what the difference is between them? and if one is better then the other? looking to get some roaches as rex absolutly loves them! there on this site (its a nightmare finding roaches in the UK!!)
  13. pimmsoclock87

    calcium dusting

    Ive just ordered some dubia roaches and phoenix worms for rex as he just doesnt seem keen on crickets or locusts. But just wondering do i need to dust the roaches and phoenix worms in calcium? because the phoenix worms are high in calcium already? Just thought i would check. The calcium im...
  14. pimmsoclock87

    Rex doesn't seem to be growing!?

    Ive had Rex now for about a month and for the past 2/3weeks he is still only 8" long, is that normal? From what ive heard/read he should be growing quite a bit as a baby. I give him fresh veg everyday (spring greens,couple of grapes and butternut squash) not that he has ever eaten any of it...
  15. pimmsoclock87

    New beardie not eating :-(

    My beardie isn't eating hardly anything, really don't know what to do. He will eat maybe 2 crickets if i am lucky but any more and he just loses interest. He has eaten a couple of wax worms and then again he loses interest. I leave him a little dish with carrots,kale and greens in but doesn't...
  16. pimmsoclock87

    New Owner

    Just thought i would come on and say hello! Just picked up my first bearded dragon today, So happy with him/her :D I will try and get some pics up and show my baby off! Im having a couple of problems tho with the lighting and heating. Been looking around the net for ages now about it but no...
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