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  1. SunnyFury's Legacy Uploads

    SunnyFury's Legacy Uploads

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    Stop leaving your bearded dragons unattended outside

    I let my two month old wander around on the floor in my house (I'm right there next to him) and I cant believe how fast he is. Like one second he's there and the next he is GONE ? I'm never taking him outside without a harness.
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    Stress with my Bearded Dragon

    What is the cool side temp of the tank? It should be close to 80F. Also its best to have a temp gun or digital probe. The stick ons aren't accurate.
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    Stress with my Bearded Dragon

    Hi. It is extremely common for beardies to go through relocation stress. It can last a few weeks. They can lose their appetite and that's fine as long as they don't stop eating all together. Im not entirely sure how nutritious cucumber is. I mean its fine but not good as a staple feeder. I...
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    From what I've heard yes it can cause them to lose their appetite a little. Im not sure why though. Maybe because they are just irritated and grumpy.
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    Meet Sunny!

    Thought I would share an update on Sunny. He is over two months old now. The left pic is from probably a month ago. And right pic is from today. He has grown just a little lol
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    Omg its Santa! I know him!

    It's crazy that within the next hour or so after posting this he went absolutely nuts and shed all the way down to his tail. Arms and all. It was highly entertaining. I didn't know they could shed that fast.
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    Omg its Santa! I know him!

    Sunny has decided to celebrate Christmas early this year and is wearing his Santa beard proudly. He is done with the doom and gloom.
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    Meet Sunny!

    Thought I would share some pics taken today. I got the plaque from my sis who had a bunch of stuff given to her from her mother in law. I thought it was too cute and looks perfect on the tank.
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    Meet Sunny!

    Wow! So I've had Sunny 11 days now. I remember measuring him maybe a few days after I got him and he was about 4 1/2 inches. He is now close to 6 inches long! I knew he looked bigger. Woo hoo!
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    Aww he fell asleep on my hand, I think.

    Wow, I wasn't thinking that would happen so fast. I've only had him 11 days. Yay! Thanks.
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    Meet Sunny!

    I remove the leftovers after every feeding! And double check before lights out too.
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    Meet Sunny!

    Sunny is doing so good! He is eating like a champ probably over 20 very small crickets a day (it's hard to count those tiny things so I just toss them in and he goes to town). Still only eating a few teeny pieces of green a day but that's okay. I'm waiting for my bsfl to get here and I'll try...
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    Aww he fell asleep on my hand, I think.

    Sunny fell asleep on my hand tonight. It was already his bed time. He wasn't asleep yet so I picked him up to get some bonding time in and he basically fell right to sleep. I was thinking he was stressed or something. But he really didn't want to wake up for nothing lol. I was like hey bud...
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