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  1. hiTimothy

    New Enclosure Help (Pics)

    I recently built a new enclosure 48" L x24" W x18" H It's almost winter here in Boston, MA and we get extremely cold winters and I am unsure of the wattage of the basking light I should be using to maintain adequate temperatures during the day and at night using a CHE. What wattage should I...
  2. hiTimothy

    Bearded dragons with bulging eyes

    I've been seeing beardies on instagram, fb, tumblr etc with bulgy eyes. I wonder why they are like this. Is it a birth defect? Like under-bites?
  3. hiTimothy

    Heating for 48"x24"x18" viv

    I just recently built my beardie a new home out of wood. It is 48 inches long, 24 wide and 18 tall. There is a large rectangular ventilation area on the top so I can place the bulbs on top and that's a factor to take into consideration when deciding on how high of a wattage to get for this viv...
  4. hiTimothy

    Feeder Worms Super Guide

    Protein. A good staple diet should be relatively high in protein. Fat. Some fat is needed in the diet. As in human diets, some fats are better than others. Calcium. When considering the calcium content of a food, pay particular attention to the calcium-to-phosphorous ratio; the availability...
  5. hiTimothy

    Litter box trained beardie!

    (Not sure whether this would go on this topic or general discussion) Anyways, the past month I've noticed my beardie, Boss, deficate in his food bowl or around it. (His food bowl is on the cool side of the tank) What I've also noticed is that he's been wanting to dig at the Zoo Med Exo Carpet...
  6. hiTimothy

    Box of play sand

    I've been noticing my beardie trying to dig on his ZooMed Eco Carpet and I decided to put a box on the cool side of his tank full of play sand that has been sifted, washed and dried Is that okay for him? I am not using sand in his entire enclosure, just in a box so if he wants to dig he can dig...
  7. hiTimothy

    Possible Yellow Fungus?

    My 4 month old beardie is currently starting a shed and he's just finished shedding his mouth/lips and the scales around his lips are yellow. He's also been having diarrhoea. This is the first time this has happened and this is is second shed since I've had him There is no yellow discolouration...
  8. hiTimothy

    Stopped eating crickets and dubias

    Hi guys, so my beardie won't willingly eat his crickets anymore He's about 11.5 almost 12 inches long. Approx. 3 months old Before he use to be able to consume adult crickets quickly and with ease, but after I introduced him to Dubias he won't eat the crickets anymore even when I haven't fed...
  9. hiTimothy

    What morph is my beardie? (pics)

    Purchased him at pet-smart as a 'fancy' variety (the employees are not knowledgeable on what his morph is etc) Is he a citrus tiger? Features: Leatherback Orange ear vents Dark nails Yellow-y head (head is more yellow and brighter than the rest of his body) Orange 'circles' on his back Black...
  10. hiTimothy

    Reptile owners in Boston, MA?

    Looking to make some friends with owners who live in Boston! I also started a colony of Dubias in which I can also sell for super cheap since no shipping would be required I own a bearded dragon and red eared slider turtles along with a bunch of mammals (rabbit, hamster, canaries, a dove, and a...
  11. hiTimothy

    Dubia Roaches not eating

    I'm trying to start a colony of roaches for my bearded dragon. I recently purchased a "kit" from There are 10 female adults, 5 male adults and around 200 or so of mixed sized nymphs. I put them in a dark blue 18 gallon tote with a 12x12 hole in the top with a screen I...
  12. hiTimothy

    Best site to get Dubia Roaches?

    Hi guys, I'm Timmy and I'm new to this forum and a new owner to a 4 month old Bearded Dragon named Steve I currently have a colony of crickets and taking care of them is exhausting. They're smelly, dirty and are just unpleasant! I've read up extensively on Dubia roaches and decided I wanted to...
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