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    I think my dragon is dead ??

    My bearded dragon was perfectly healthy yesterday, she is around 7 yrs old, she was running around & had a bowel movement it was either yesterday or the day prior. The movement seemed healthy, i guess a little bit more watery than normal but nothing crazy or concerning. I'm pretty sure it was...
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    I showed these comparison photos to some friends and had a few people express concern with how big he is. Someone told me they had an older dragon that is much much smaller! I'm concerned we are over feeding him. He eats crickets 3x a day, as many as he can eat in 10 minutes. Sometimes over...
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    Bearded won't go on his basking rock

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and also have had my first bearded dragon for only a few months! He seems very healthy, but I am concerned that lately he will not stay on his basking rock. Normally after he eats he will lay out on his rock and digest, but lately he immediately goes under the rock to...
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