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    Bloody toe?

    Noticed this wound under his nail… suggestions? No idea how it happened
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    BMs during brumation

    How often should a beardie pass a bm if brumating? He’s not eating and is spending time on the cool side of his tank. He will eat bugs however, just not salad. He will move around if I take him out, but ultimately just looks to hide under something to take a nap (as usual). I’m worried he has a...
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    Irregular BM?

    40 gallon tank, reptisun 10.0 changed every 6 months, eats majority greens (collard, mustard, endive, escarole) with the occasional bug. Gets a bath at least once a week. I feel he hasn’t had a solid bm in a while. Is this normal?
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    Teeth brushing

    I just found out I need to be brushing his teeth? I ordered chlorhexidine gluconate- is this good to put on a q tip and brush with?
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    Nail fell off :(

    For a little while his toe was swollen and had a lot of shed around it, he shed and today his nail fell completely off :( anything to do to help it? We can’t get to the vet for a week. He doesn’t appear to be in pain.
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    Skin condition?

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    Not eating, pooping, or shedding/yellow urate

    He has been progressively slowing down little by little and now is just eating nothing. Also his irate was yellow last time he pooped which was almost a week ago. I at first thought he was just getting older and his metabolism is slowing down, then thought possible brumation, but now I feel...
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    I have a 10-11month old male that's 16 in. My local pet store started carrying hornworms and I've seen them being fed online before so I got excited thinking it'd be fun to try. Are they too big for him though? They are larger than I expected
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    Hasn't shed in a while

    Seems like he used to shed more frequently, could this mean anything? I feel like it's been a while since any shedding. I soak him once a week and spray w water daily.
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    Bsfl/irregular bm

    He used to poop daily but now not so much. Could it be that I've introduced more Bsfl into the diet or is it just a part of getting older?
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    40 gallon lighting

    I have a 40 gall and reptisun 10.0 T5. It sits on top of the cage with nothing obstructing it and is about a foot away from the basking spot. Is this too intense?
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    Acting "off"

    I can't quite put my finger on it but he seems to just be off lately. Pooping, sleeping, eating pretty normally, but just not as enthusiastic to play outside his cage. He also is not falling asleep as easily. He kinda seems depressed? He also seems to be swallowing a lot or at least that's how...
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    Do I need to store them in compost or can I sort them and out keep them in a container separately?
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    How much should I feed?

    10ish month old 16 inch male. Big appetite for feeders, will eat as many as I give. Will not touch veggies at all. How many bsl, dubias, crickets, etc should he eat in a day? I struggle because he will literally eat until he pops and the 10 min rule is just hard bc it varies depending on what...
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    I thought I saw somewhere once that they can eat cooked lentils. Is this true?
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    Ate adult roach

    Relatively small (about 16 in) 9ish month old ate whole adult roach... What are the risks? Anything that can be done?
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    Refuses to eat veggies

    Remy is 9ish months old and literally refuses to eat vegetables. I sometimes even hide worms in a bowl of greens and he will sit and wait by the bowl for the worms to come out. Is this normal? He ate more veggies as a baby!
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    Ate honey roasted peanut

    Dumb dad gave peanut and he ate it. How bad is this?
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    Dead crickets

    A girl at the pet store told me I one cricket does it releases toxic poison that kills the rest... Is this true? The crickets i got actually all died within like one day lol. Do I feed him the dead ones or could it be harmful?
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    What do you use to clean your Viv and how often? I don't want to use harsh chemicals as I feel he might inhale them heavier being smaller.
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