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  1. bunnyrut

    Replacing bottom glass for penn plax habitat

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been here, and I am hoping that someone will be able to help me out with replacing a piece to an enclosure I have. I purchased a Natural Wood Snake habitat (REPSH4) second hand and there was an oopsie when my husband was bringing it inside and the...
  2. bunnyrut

    beardie proofing stairs

    I let my babies have the run of the apartment (1 at a time of course). Most places are easy to block off, or just close the door. but i pretty much let them go wherever they want since there aren't many places for them to get stuck or hurt. with the exception of the stairs. i have to block...
  3. bunnyrut


    Does anyone use a vet in NJ for their bearded dragon? Can you post a link to their site? I am trying to find a good one that won't overcharge and actually knows something about beardies. I tried herpvetconnection, and some of the reviews are awful!!! I also searched around for other local vets...
  4. bunnyrut

    URI??? *update*

    Dargon hasn't been eating and he is sleeping a lot. I thought maybe he was going into brumation early. But today I gave him a bath and he drank some water. now he is gulping a lot and has thrown up some of the water. it was clear. he keeps gulping. he's not gaping. there is nothing coming out...
  5. bunnyrut

    New Jersey Reptile Show

    Is anyone going to this? I will be there mainly to buy feeders, but i just can't help looking at all the babies. :)
  6. bunnyrut

    too cute

    someone shared this on facebook. i thought is was the cutest thing ever. could you imagine if there was one for bearded dragons? head bobbing, black bearding and arm waving EVERYWHERE! i wish we could meet to...
  7. bunnyrut

    Taking your Beardie outside: a how-to guide

    Summer is here. And many Beardie Slaves want to bring their little masters outside to enjoy the sun. If you have never taken you bearded dragon outside before, here is a guide on how to get them used to going outside into the new big and scary world. 1. Have a harness. any kind. buy one, make...
  8. bunnyrut

    Laying eggs. Still trying?

    Tasty Treat just laid 29 eggs today (Happy birthday to me!!). she had been in her box for about 8 hours. packed the dirt down and scratched to come out. now she is laying down and still looks like she is trying to push out eggs. is she just too tired to keep trying? do i need to rush her to...
  9. bunnyrut

    The New Jersey Reptile & Pet Expo

    was anyone there? a lot of vendors cancelled at the last minute, but it was still fairly good. i got a big piece of driftwood for only $20 and some feeder bedding. plus other misc stuff. they are planning another one for the fall so hopefully more vendors will show up.
  10. bunnyrut

    How often do they lay eggs? gravid again?!?

    Tasty Treat already went through a full clutch about 4 months ago (60 eggs total, 2 separate lays). but now she is starting to get really fat again, and looking all uncomfortable like she did before she laid eggs last time. How often do they lay eggs? do i have a highly fertile little girl?
  11. bunnyrut

    When beardies attack!

    The other day Mr Dargon did something I never ever expected. He assaulted my hubby. He brought him in the bedroom and was laying on the bed with Mr Dargon on his stomach. He was rubbing Mr Dargon's nose. I guess Dargon did not like that. he jolted his head away, then swung his arm around a...
  12. bunnyrut

    Small pet stores. Why you always look so dirty?!?

    I stopped by a small shop that sold fish, reptiles and birds. I found it... disappointing. there weren't many birds, the fish area was so dark, and the reptile area was just dirty. they had beardies on a loose substrate, and they were pricey! i went in for supers so i can mix up the gene...
  13. bunnyrut

    Drank too much water. breathing heavy

    I gave Mr Dargon a bath and he was gulping up water so much i had to pull his face away. now his beard is full of water and he's breathing really heavy. i adjusted the temp in his viv so it will get hotter for a while to see if that helps, but is there anything else i should be doing? why...
  14. bunnyrut

    Woke up from brumation, won't eat

    Mr Dargon has awoken. But he won't eat anything that we offer him. he also takes naps during the day. but if i don't turn on his lights he is still wide awake sitting outside his box. is this normal? is something wrong? is he only awake for a short time before going back into a deep sleep...
  15. bunnyrut

    Brumation - heat?

    Mr Dargon is still out. we woke him up today for a bath and let him bask to warm up. now he is back in bed. but he always feels so cold, even with the heater on him. does he need to be a certain temperature? should i put a heating pad under his tank for added warmth?
  16. bunnyrut

    Second Clutch - SURPRISE!

    Tasty Treat laid her second clutch today. with no warning. she was eating ravenously up until yesterday, then started flipping out today. So I thought 'hmmm... i should put her in the lay box to see if she wants to dig....' suddenly she was sitting on her log and there was an egg behind...
  17. bunnyrut

    restless beardie, not eating -EGGS!!

    Tasty Treat has been cah-ray-zee lately. she is refusing to eat, scratching at the glass trying to get out. all she wants to do is run around the apartment. i've been feeding her carnivore care, but she runs away from it after i get some in her mouth. her temps are fine, her uvb is new...
  18. bunnyrut

    Splishy-Splashy: weird bathtime behavior

    So i gave Tasty Treat a bath today and she was being weird: *click for video* the tip of her tail is shedding, so i don't know if she was doing this to get it off or not. at first i thought she was trying to splash me, but she kept doing it while i ran to get my camera. she has been so odd...
  19. bunnyrut

    Brumating or not?!?

    This is my first season dealing with brumation. Mr Dargon looks tired all the time and won't eat. he also won't stay in his box to sleep! i'll wrap him up and put him in the box and keep the lights off, but he still wakes up and comes out. and he looks cranky like he wants to sleep, he falls...
  20. bunnyrut

    Disinfectant question

    is this the same a the pink sanitizer spray used in food establishments? i already have the sanitizer from my cafe that close down last year. i wanted to know if ii could use that to clean off Tasty Treat's...
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