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  1. ComicBookMama

    Do Dubia from Different Suppliers Taste Different?

    Oh, a comedian… luckily, I love to laugh! 😆
  2. ComicBookMama

    Do Dubia from Different Suppliers Taste Different?

    I've been rotating between silkworms (too expensive for often), mealworms, giant mealworms, and superworms. Horn worms only as a treat. If he'll open up to dubia again, that would be a relief. I don't do crickets... too smelly, short lived, and possible pinworm carriers.
  3. ComicBookMama

    What are your beardies favorite fruit or veggie?

    Figment’s favorite is yellow squash… he also prefers arugula to any other greens.
  4. ComicBookMama

    Do Dubia from Different Suppliers Taste Different?

    Figment has shunned dubia for about a year now… be suddenly “switched off” and wouldn’t touch them. I’ve tried offering them on a few occasions, and he snubbed them every time. I buy from - and when buying small quantities, that’s expensive. Yesterday I went to a reptile expo and...
  5. ComicBookMama

    Beardie Ate Unknown Bug - Should I Panic?

    No, he’s acting perfectly normal… no blackbearding, no change in activity. Thank you!
  6. ComicBookMama

    Beardie Ate Unknown Bug - Should I Panic?

    Hi and HELP! While being out for exercise in my computer room today, my beardie saw and ate a bug - I have no idea what kind it was; I thought it was dead, and was about to pick it up when my beardie pounced on it! Do I need to freak out now? Is there something I should do? Please advise!
  7. ComicBookMama

    Hard Urate, but Liquid Around Poop

    Figment just pooped, and the feces are well formed and moist with a puddle of clear liquid around them... but the urates chunk is hard. I thought he was getting enough water, but could be wrong... but if he's not, what's with the puddle? Could the urates be hard because he's not pooping more...
  8. ComicBookMama

    Up-and-Down Brumation?

    Hi, all… Figment is now 2 years old and seems to be sporadically brumating. He’ll tuck into his hide and sleep for a few weeks, then gets up and basks for a day or two, then goes back to sleep. My questions: 1) is this normal brumation behavior? 2) should I offer food when he’s awake? Thanks!
  9. ComicBookMama

    Having trouble being a good owner

    I’ll tell you what I tell my own students: there is no shame in making mistakes, and it’s good that you recognize that you haven’t been living up to your end of the relationship with your dragon. You can certainly work with your dragon and repair the lapses, but it may take a long while. This...
  10. ComicBookMama

    How to Gently Correct Bad Husbandry?

    She teaches our gifted & talented program… I’ll definitely suggest the research project, maybe sharing the book I WANT A BEARDED DRAGON, which was written by a third grader with adult assistant. Thanks!
  11. ComicBookMama

    How to Gently Correct Bad Husbandry?

    I’m a fourth grade teacher, and recently added a leopard gecko to my classroom, donated by a good breeder. Soon after, a teacher friend followed my lead - only she got a young beardie. I adore my friend. And she means very well, and she does love the little guy - but her husbandry is not...
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    ComicBookMama's Legacy Uploads

  13. ComicBookMama

    Good Care Sheet for Mealworms?

    Wonderful! I don’t have a wine fridge, but I do have plastic storage drawers. Room temp it is!
  14. ComicBookMama

    On an Anti-Dubia Hunger Strike

    Thanks, Brandon! I do try to give him nicely varied salads (just discovered baby kale!) and he loves that. If worms are good enough for your precious dragons, that’s validation enough for me. I know you wouldn’t risk your reptile kiddos! :)
  15. ComicBookMama

    Good Care Sheet for Mealworms?

    Thanks! I thought they needed to be refrigerated, though?
  16. ComicBookMama

    Good Care Sheet for Mealworms?

    I just ordered a thousand giant mealworms plus bran. Does anyone know of a good setup/care sheet for someone NOT interested in breeding them, but just keeping them alive? What size of plastic box should I look for, for example? Thanks!
  17. ComicBookMama

    On an Anti-Dubia Hunger Strike

    Figment has always been fed a dubia-heavy rotation of feeders... mostly dubia, mealworms, supers, and hornworms as a treat. I really can't afford silkworms on a regular basis and he's never been keen on crickets (and I find it a pain to hunt down and recapture the ones he won't eat or feed him...
  18. ComicBookMama

    Monday Morning Laugh

    Love it!!!! :lol:
  19. ComicBookMama

    Wild insects

    Personally, I'd avoid wild caught insects. You don't know where they've been and what they've been exposed to, they're more likely than farm raised to be carrying parasites, and as other posters have noted, some are toxic depending on what they've been feeding on. Just not worth the risk, IMHO.
  20. ComicBookMama

    Advice on getting another beardie after not owning one..

    Other than the possibility of eggs, I think that care is pretty much identical... you obviously took great care of your boy, so enjoy and have fun with your new lady dragon!
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