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  1. loljelloclowdz

    I need a hotter lamp

    I moved Mari into her big new Carolina Custom enclosure but the problem is that the temps are way too low on the warm side (only about 78) because it’s a huge enclosure and needs way more wattage. My question is this: is it better to get a short, wide dome or a tall dome? I’ll go to Home Depot...
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    If your pet is having an emergency, GO TO AN EMERGENCY VET THAT SEES THAT SPECIES OF ANIMAL. It breaks my heart that not enough vet clinics exist to help our birds and reptiles, but it is the only thing you can really do for them to avoid complications. I recently lost my cockatiel Kiwi...
  3. loljelloclowdz

    Looks comfy…

    Mari, I have no clue how that’s comfy. (The gaping hole in the enclosure is because of the uvb light! Apparently it disintegrates the particular plastic that her tarp is made from. She got a Carolina custom enclosure for Christmas but it’s super heavy and has to be set up at my grandma’s as...
  4. loljelloclowdz

    Am I cruel for this?

    Today is Mari’s birthday but I was at school all day so I’m not telling her happy birthday today until tomorrow & I’m gonna pretend tomorrow is her birthday. Is this cruel? 😂 I feel a bit mean for doing that but I’d rather celebrate her birthday on a day when I’m not in class all day and...
  5. loljelloclowdz

    Eyeball bone!

    I was studying for my exam tomorrow about lepidosaurs and I noticed a tiny detail on one of the tuatara skulls I’m supposed to study. I noticed it had a ring-like bone where the eye belongs so I did some research and it turns out our little beardie buddies also have this bone along with birds...
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    Prolapse after-care?

    NOTE: MARI WAS ALREADY TREATED BY A VET, SHE’S FINE NOW, I CAUGHT IT JUST AS IT HAPPENED AND TOOK HER STRAIGHT TO THE VET. (I looked homeless as I was in my pajamas with unbrushed hair and was covered in beardie poop but my pet is okay so it was 11/10 worth it. My pets are literally the most...
  7. loljelloclowdz

    What do I do with dry food?

    My mom bought me a sampler pack of food for Mari from PetSmart as a gift but unfortunately it’s all horrible for reptiles. (Canned bugs, dry food, canned papaya that looks artificial, and some supplements that I already have because I’m a good pet owner who does their research.) Anyways I was...
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    She saw her reflection & became Sonic

    Mari saw her reflection today on my jewelry box and turned her beard and tail black and when she saw the beardie in the mirror was doing the same thing she RAN super duper fast across my room in a very comical looking way but she was ANGRY & started head bobbing and basically I had to cover my...
  9. loljelloclowdz

    HELP new Juvenile Beardie

    Get that sand out of there ASAP, if there’s ever something that shouldn’t be in there, it needs to come out immediately. As for substrate, just use paper towels. It’s easy to clean as you just have to throw them away & they won’t eat them.
  10. loljelloclowdz

    Veggie beard

    Mari has a beard now (She itched her face in her veggies because she’s going into shed soon.)
  11. loljelloclowdz

    Petco beardie roasted my outfit

    I went into petco today to get Mari some bugs and this baby beardie looked me up and down and gave me the stink eye like he or she was dissatisfied with my outfit or something. They literally kept looking me up and down and just going -_- at me lmao. I don’t buy petco pets and didn’t want...
  12. loljelloclowdz

    Mega dump

    Mari pooped on my floor and I swear that thing was a clone of her. Cleanup was not very fun. I usually make her go in the toilet but because I had a stomach bug last night and was on the toilet and stuff Mari didn’t get her bath and poop so she just took it upon herself today to unleash the...
  13. loljelloclowdz

    How do I make her little again?

    Mari is 19 months old. How do I make her 4 months old again so she can be tiny and sleep on the crook of my nose again? Now she’s so large that if I put her on my nose it is just uncomfortable for the both of us. ? Ps. I’m not the only one, I’m sure Mari would love to be a young beardie again...
  14. loljelloclowdz

    Great judgement

    I am bored and looking at reviews for PetSmart’s bearded dragons just to see all of the cute pictures of people’s baby beardies and I stumbled upon this absolutely genius picture. I know they are herbivores but this just seems like a stupidly dangerous move as an iguana can trample or tail...
  15. loljelloclowdz

    Silly picture thread

    Post your silly pictures of your beardie here!!! Her light was a bit too low and made it super hot on her basking side so she was making a goofy face while thermoregulating herself. I fixed it and gave her a ton of veggies to rehydrate as she doesn’t ever drink water, even if I drip some on...
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    Stupid things your pet does thread

    This is a thread to post the stupid things your beardie or any other pet does. I’ll start — Mari crawls into her basking rock cave which is actually meant for small geckos and not 20” bearded dragons & she gets stuck in there and shreds the paper towels trying to get out. She has done it three...
  17. loljelloclowdz

    Invasive reptiles

    I’m going to Tampa in a few weeks and I’m wondering what I should do if I see an invasive reptile species there. Should I try to capture it or should I just leave it and call someone? I obviously won’t go after something like a Burmese Python, but if I see a tokay gecko (absolutely terrifying...
  18. loljelloclowdz

    Just did a dumb thing, oh man.

    I ordered Mari some treat bugs as I feed her bsfl as a staple and I want to spice things up in her life. I ordered superworms, wax worms (very rare treat), horn worms (I hate them because they bite me when I grab them), and dubia roaches. My mom is absolutely terrified of roaches and is going...
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  20. loljelloclowdz

    Weird eating positions

    Welp, Mari is officially too lazy to get off her rock to eat so now she eats like she’s a wheelbarrow or something. ?
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