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    Can anyone figure out what is happening here ?

    I found this on Youtube, I already know what is going on but the comment repliers + the owners do not.
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    Who has spikey dragons ? Post them here !

    Any spikey ones, normal scaled or Dunner. Here are a couple that I raised in the past. They were normal scaled dragons bred from a leatherback X normal red/orange dragon. They had leatherback siblings as well.
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    World's first virtual reptile show [ ? ]

    It says that you can talk with all the vendors that would have been at this show with their animals. Info in the link here, I have nothing to do with the show.
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    Plants from your own yard for beardie

    If you live in an area where neighbors don't use pesticides + weedkiller you can find some healthy plants that are good for your beardie in your own yard. :) Most people know that dandelions are good, both leaves and the yellow flower. Another yellow plant you might have is the blossoms...
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    I wonder what the story is behind this ??
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    Beware of vets giving enemas to your dragon

    Just a warning about this because there are at times very bad reactions afterwards including beardie dying within a day to a week . Some vets give an enema when a dragon is going in to brumation and not pooing during this time, not recognizing that beardies rarely poo during their " sleepy "...
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    Kale is good for your beardies

    Just a few articles on the topic since at times it is still claimed that kale is high in oxalates which interfere with calcium absorption but kale is actually low in oxalates and highly nutritious.
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    Beardies do live on sand in the wild.

    We keep seeing posts where people claim that they don't live on sand and the natural range of beardies is tightly compacted soil, clay rocks, etc. Here is a veterinarian in Australia with the analysis from a lab that confirms that much of their territory is sand...
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    Smears poop

    Hi there, since they are creature of habit, move the branch a bit and he might decide to go in a different spot. Keep a folded wad of newspaper under the branch where he poos and maybe he'll hit the spot.
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    Kale is not bad for bearded dragons.....

    I posted this in the feeding section but wanted to put it here as well. For as long as I can remember beardie owners seem to claim that kale is bad for beardies. This link shows that kale is not high in oxalates like spinach and is perfectly fine to feed to your dragon. I think it's important...
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    Kale is not bad for beardies ....

    We often hear it said that it's high in oxalates. This is not true, kale is actually a good , healthy addition to a beardie's diet. Here's a link to a study done recently ...
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    Bearded dragons in the wild

    I thought these pics were interesting, showing the type of substrate + surrounding vegetation in the territory of pogona vitticeps. Note that there actually is a lot of loose sand/clay/type on top of the hard packed earth in their territory, not very rocky in most instances. There are also...
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    UVB measuring

    Has anyone seen this ? I linked my own question from the general forum. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=235940
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    UVB measuring

    Has anyone been on the website " bearded dragon obsession" ? There is a section where quite a few bulbs have been tested by a fellow named Jack. Just wonder how this measures up with any testing that some of you have done ?
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    Dubia allergy....

    For those of you who feed dubias to their reptiles, how long have you been using them and if any of you or your family members have any allergic reactions ? I've been looking at threads from other forums where there seem to be a number of people that are allergic to them.
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    Expert view on vitamin dosing/overdosing

    This is a great article written by one of the experts...
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    Expert view on vitamin dosing/overdosing

    I thought this article could be beneficial + answer some questions about this subject...
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    Beardie on the police force

    Cute article. :) :) :)
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    Parietal eye

    Sometimes new owners aren't sure what it is. Here's a nice , easy to see picture of the perietal " third " eye on top of one of my baby's heads.
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    Dangerous trend : beardie on your shoulder

    I just wanted to bring more awareness to this topic, of beardies jumping/falling from shoulders. It seems that many people either don't know or because it hasn't happened yet that they think it is not a real problem. There are threads warning people of potential danger of sand, bad uvb...
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