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  1. HeliosTheBeardie

    Scale rot/ yellow fungus

    Help ease my mind… what does this look like to you? We have a vet appt on Monday. Husbandry is as near to perfect as can get in conjunction with vets advice, she just went through a round of baytril( intramuscular injection) for a suspected GI tract infection and I have noticed this recently. I...
  2. HeliosTheBeardie


    So I have a 2/3 year old beardie. She is in perfect health as far as we are aware and I am almost confident that her husbandry is as close to perfect as we can offer. We are moving from Reno NV, to a small town in Colorado. The problem is that the town we are moving to has a standing elevation...
  3. HeliosTheBeardie

    Is this tail rot??

    I have had my girl Helios for about 4 months. Multiple vet visits, and no parasites or any other issues. Just this piece of tail concerns me, it doesn’t seem to smell or irritate her, but was wondering if anyone had additional info about it. It just seems very dark for her usual scales. Thanks, M
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