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    Is it ok to wave at my beardy bobbing his head

    I honestly don't know if it's bad or not. I wave at my beardie all the time. He definitely notices and he seems to accept it as reassurance.
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    Runny Stool and Slightly Orange Urate

    Hey Bell just turned 1 too! I've never weighed him but last I measured he was 20-24 inches already. His stool is always pretty smelly haha. He is kind of potty trained. He doesn't like to poop in his enclosure (which is great for me less clean up). I just have to follow him around with a paper...
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    Runny Stool and Slightly Orange Urate

    My Bell has some similar issues. Mushy stool, excess mucus, yesterday even had some blood(which I'm definitely freaked out over). Gonna try and find him a vet. As per your question my best guess would be that the squash is coloring his poo. Does he eat everything evenly or just pick out the...
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    Blood in stool but clean fecal test

    Hello. The pictures of your beardie look great. He looks alert at least. I've been having some fecal issues with my beardie as well. It's really soft/mushy with excess fluid. Sometimes when he poops he will poop again in a few minutes. Mostly mucus the second time around. Yesterday I noticed...
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    Outdoor playpen ideas

    Also any thoughts about 1" bar spacing? Bell is a year old now so nearly full size. I just dont want him getting his head stuck you know? I think 1" should be close enough together but I'd like a second opinion.
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    Outdoor playpen ideas

    Thanks for the info guys. What do you guys think of this?
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    Outdoor playpen ideas

    Hi. I've been wanting to get a playpen for my Bell. I've looked on amazon for rabbit runs and ferret playpens. Does anybody have any recommendations? I would prefer something with vertical bars so he cant climb out( I know I could get one with a net/cover but I need something that's relatively...
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    Non-bioactive substrate but still soil

    Thank you I will definitely use this
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    Non-bioactive substrate but still soil

    Also what would be a good mixture? I was thinking of excavator clay and some soil. Would excavator clay alone be too hard for him to dig in? I want it to hold its shape but still be crumbly enough for him to dig.
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    Non-bioactive substrate but still soil

    He just upgraded to a 4x2x2 for his 1st birthday. He wont poop in his enclosure-which I'm fine with. So I wouldn't need to worry about that factor but I imagine I would need to replace the substrate every so often. Is it common to use soil mix without going bioactive?
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    Non-bioactive substrate but still soil

    I recently upsized my beardies enclosure. I want to give him loose substrate without going bioactive. Can I do a sand, soil, clay mixture WITHOUT having to add isopods and other cleanup crew? Btw I'd love to add a medium sized fountain/pool in one corner but if humidity becomes an issue I'd most...
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    Beardie furniture

    So I want to get my beardie some furniture. I've been thinking about cat trees specifically. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations? Right now I have a small dog bed on my dresser and its perfect height for him to sit in and look out the window. I was looking online at some wall mounted cat...
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    Hi I have a a question. I've been thinking about bindweed. Apparently its edible for bearded dragons. Do you think this is something that I could use as ground cover in a viv? I dont have a bioactive setup but I would like to at some point soon. This stuff is pretty hardy. Its viney and seems to...
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    Over Deworming?

    So I've been thinking about parasites. If I suspect that my bearded dragon has parasites(I know that they naturally have low levels) can I administer home treatment? Is it possible to OVER deworming a bearded dragon?. I've been looking at dewormers on amazon and would like to have some on hand...
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    Boney bump under hips

    I cannot find any visual bump or anything like that. If I run my finger over his/her vent i can feel it. Might be a small obstruction? Maybe something he ate and couldn't digest. He seems to be acting normal so far. Hopefully he will poop it out
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    Boney bump under hips

    I have a 3 month old beardie. Today I noticed a boney protrusion near the vent/hip area. Is this normal? Is it just a pelvic nub?
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    Zoomed Reptisun t5 HO terrarium hood 10.0

    I'm currently using the 12" version with a 10.0 bulb. Does this HAVE to be inside the vivarium? Isnt it high output so that it can sit in top? It seems made to be outside the viv as there's nothing on it to help suspend it. The screen has small rectangular holes but i wouldn't call it a fine...
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    Please critic my enclosure!?!

    this is the hood I'm using(with a 10.0 bulb). I'm going to lower the hammock a bit. I have 2 thermometers and a hydrometer as well. The hot side registers 98f and is located beside the suction cup for the bottom left of the corner hammock. Cool side is 89f with 32% humidity.
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