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  1. MariosDad's Legacy Uploads

    MariosDad's Legacy Uploads

  2. MariosDad

    Mario's Super World

    Yeah, we're really lucky. He's been munching greens since he was about 6 months old! :D The first tank I built was 48 gallons, this one is 120. Big upgrade!
  3. MariosDad

    Mario's Super World

    Thanks! He seems to really be enjoying it.
  4. MariosDad

    Mario Got an Upgrade!

    Thanks, Karrie! I took some advice from an old post of yours and didn't affix the tile this time, much easier cleanup!
  5. MariosDad

    Mario's Super World

    Mario is home!
  6. MariosDad

    Mario Got an Upgrade!

    Hi folks! Long time to post! :lol: Mario has needed a new enclosure for a few months, he was looking a bit cramped in the first one I built! :D Took a few weeks to order the supplies and pick up the melamine and tile. Fricking melamine is expensive! Got it all together over a couple...
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  13. MariosDad

    Where does your beardie sleep?

    Oh yeah they are! Mario was eating 200-300 bugs every week a while ago! He’s just over 6 months, it’s crazy. Last week he topped 400! We keep the cost down by having a dubia roach colony and switching on and off between those and BSFL every few days.
  14. MariosDad

    Where does your beardie sleep?

    Love the bunk beds! Mario tends to climb up and sleep in his "wall bush" when it's hot, otherwise he sleeps on (or under) his basking spot.
  15. MariosDad

    Mario's Super World

    Wow! It's been a while! Mario is getting HUGE! He is 13 inches and 122 grams. The most he's eaten so far is 435 bugs in 1 week, about 62 bugs a day! :shock: Roach breeding is going well, but the 1/2 inch bugs are elusive! We ended up getting a 3rd container so we can get the tiny babies out...
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  19. MariosDad

    Boggle from London

    Awesome growth on Boggle!! Super cute, thanks for the update!
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